Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teaching and Learning

 This week was very special for me. The reasons for this are many.

Firstly, on Tuesday we all received training from the best sidewalk counsellor in the world, Sr Dorothy. Usually she saves a few babies a day! She explained how prayer is important in converting women who want to abort their babies. Prayer is the least visible action but extremely effective.

Following this I met an exceptional man -Don- when I went to a new abortion clinic. This sidewalk counsellor always makes friends with employees of abortion clinics. He said it is very important because having friends inside of the clinic can provide useful information. One doctor even left the job in the abortion clinic because of him!

This week we attended many meetings where pro-life mentors stressed the importance of reading and stuying a lot in order to be informed. If one is not well prepared one won't be able to to help women in difficult situations.

Learning more each day,


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