Sunday, July 5, 2015

My firsts impressions as a live saviour

Hello everyone. My name is Javier and I am a Spanish student at University of Navarra. This summer, encouraged by many friends I have decided to come to NYC to do the summer internship at EMC (Expectat Mother Care). Besides my friends recommendations, having the opportunity to learn how the pro-life movement is developed in this City was also a huge motivation. After two days working with them, I am truly impressed. The planification and organization is fantastic and I have the opportunity to be working with people from all around the world, such as Ireland, the Congo, Lithuania, US...
I'm leaving at the O'Gradys house, with Borja and Gonzalo that are two Spanish students that are doing the same internship. Anne, who is the one that keeps us at her house, is very kind and generous with us.

My first day working at the entrance of the Clinic was a bit tough. At first, starting to talk with people that were coming inside was hard, as it is another language and a place far away from my country. Little by little I found the courage  and I felt more confortable to talk and try to convince them that abortion was not and option and that life is the best choice. What give me the power to try as hard as I could to convince people was to think about all the murdered kids and also the grace of God. Thank you very much for reading me. In the next posts I will try to show you how I'm doing over here. See you soon!!!

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