Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Accident

Meeting this client today was pleasant at first because it seemed like she filled the whole room with kindness and love. With great shyness and tears she explained that her boyfriend just came back from two years in the army and she fell pregnant from another man. She was really ashamed, she said it was an accident... Her boyfriend did not know about this yet, and she was seeking for an abortion to avoid him from finding out. She said that they are engaged and are going to get married this year, and that this one night was truly just an accident. A father of the baby was waiting outside. The lady admitted that he would help her with a baby but he allowed her to do what she pleases. I went to see that man, and he was saying that he loves children and that he really liked her for a long time. I am not sure if he knew that this woman does not feel anything to him and prefers her boyfriend...
The pregnancy test was positive, we wathced a video on abortion procedures and discussed both physical and psychological side effects. She still felt like she had only one option - to abort. Even if that meant building marriage on a lie. What about telling her boyfriend the truth? He would get angry but hopefully forgive eventually. Or what about adoption? She did not want to hear any of this... But she is worth so much more than lies and misery!

Unfortunately, this lady kept asking for abortion, despite of what we said. All her gentleness dissapeared and she fell into anger... Having that shameful act embodied was not what she wanted, but a baby is innocent and beautiful, and is waiting for a chance to love her as nobody else had ever loved her before.

The client ran through the door like a wind, but the man was slower and did not understand what was happening. I got a second to tell him not to give up and to fight for his child...

Prayers are needed that this kind and beautiful woman could remain a mother of a living baby and not of a dead one.


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