Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Happiness of Choosing Life

This past Friday, I was sent to the Brooklyn office where I saw one of my clients. She is 30 years old from Ecuador; she has a fifteen-year-old son, and after coming into our offices seeking an abortion, she left choosing to keep her baby. Now we are trying our best to give her all the resources that she needs.  As I sat in front of her talking to her of the different things she needed and desired, I could not help but feel joy. I felt her joy: the joy that she transmitted after choosing life. It seem like she was a different person now than when she first came into our office seeking an abortion. That day she seemed in such an agony: she was confused, frustrated and sad. Now she was more at peace, she was aware that it was going to be hard, but her decision brought her happiness and she knew that God’s providence would not abandon her.  This is exactly what women that are seeking abortion need. They need someone to believe that they can, that God is with them and not against them. That no matter how difficult the situation might be, there is always a light.  We- the interns and the pro-life moment as a whole- are the Gabriels of these women. Just like the archangel Gabriel appear to Mary telling her she was going to be a mother in the Annunciation, so do we with this women. Just like Gabriel told Mary not to be afraid, that nothing was impossible for God, we remind these women of this! Don’t be afraid to be someone’s Gabriel. Don’t be afraid to join the pro-life moment, who knows- you might save a life! Please let us pray for the women that have chosen life as they embrace the difficult realities.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May Mother Mary grant us the grace to be more like St. Gabriel the archangel.

Your Sister In Christ,


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