Monday, July 13, 2015

First steps as a pro-life savior at NYC

Hello everyone and thanks for reading! My first week has already come to its end. Many things happened that I am going to share with you.

On Monday I spent the whole day at the EMC's office of the Bronx, where me and Claire attended three girls that came in and were looking for information and pregnancy tests. During the rest of mornings I went to different places in NYC where abortions are practiced. There, with some of the other interns we pray for the unborn's, for all the parents and ask God and Virgin Mary to assist us in helping moms realize the importance of the life they are carrying with them. This assistance is called counseling. On Tuesday I was at Planned Parenthood, there, I had the opportunity to counsel two ladies and we had a very nice talking of about 15-20 minutes each and they went inside the Clinic with many doubts. Wednesday I also went to this place that in located downtown in Manhattan, and I counseled a couple where the woman didn't mind keeping the baby and he didn't want him. After talking for a few minutes, they had many doubts about what to do. Before coming that had no doubts about getting rid of the baby, but after the talk they might keep it. What finally happened only God knows, so I beg you to pray with me to God, so that the baby will born in a few months (she has a four month pregnancy).

On Thursday I went to Choices Clinic, where sister Dorothy gave me some tips and asked me to pray with her for our counseling and for the unborn's. I also went to the JFK to meet our new Vietnamese intern. The next day I went to the same place to do the same and afterwards I went with Fatima and Miki to Roosevelt Avenue, at Queens, where we worked in front of a Clinic counseling and giving out pro-life newspapers at the same time. The truth is that we spent three hours there and not even a lady came in. Maybe because of us or maybe not, but people from the Clinic got anxious and sent a woman outside to try to give publicity pamphlets of their clinic out. Thanks to our kindness and efforts, we were able to give hundreds of papers out, while this woman couldn't even give one out.

Finally Saturday came. We all went to a BBQ with the other interns, where we eat very nice food, and had a very good time with an puertorico-spanish family, that were also in favour of the defense of life and that treated us in an awesome way.

It was an amazing week, and I'm already looking forward for the next to come. If you let me, I will like to ask you to pray for our work, as many lives depend on us! Thanks for reading and please leave any comments you want in our blog.


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