Saturday, July 4, 2015

Prayer can truly change your life

It's been a really interesting week... I feel as it's been short and long at the same time. I've lived a lot of things that I'll always keep in my heart.

On my first day in the Brooklyn offices I went with two women for the sonogram: one decided to keep her baby and the other one still wanted to abort after the counseling. The second one, was sad and looking at the floor since she came into the office, and during the sonogram she even cried. Why? Because she knew she was going to kill someone, and not only someone; her baby.

That's the part of the abortion people always "forget" to tell the pregnant mothers. They say that abortion is the easiest solution to our problems. BUT IT IS NOT. It is the hardest, because you are killing your own baby, and then no one cares about that, and you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

This week we also had some role playing training with Sr Dorothy, which was very useful and we learned how to treat pregnant mothers who are going to a clinic. And also I had the opportunity to put it into practice on Thursday at Planned Parenthood in Manhattan.

At PP I got to see with my own eyes the amount of women who get into an abortion clinic... I must say that on my first day I was about to cry, maybe more than 30 women went there in just one morning!!

This made me feel so sad, but it also encouraged me to keep working hard with the training, to keep doing my best, to keep praying hard, and to ask all of you for your prayers, as they are our most powerful tool, and all of you can join us from wherever you are. We really need them.

"Prayer can truly change your life. For it turns your attention away from yourself and directs your mind and your heart toward the Lord" Pope John Paul II


PS: Here I share with you an interesting video I saw the other day about children who are asked about abortion :-)

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