Monday, July 13, 2015

Greetings to all who support the work of EMC. Thanks to your economical and spiritual efforts, our duty is possible.

On this week, some of us had the opportunity to go to the Pocono Mountains. We could be with Chris, the founder of EMC, and he teached us a lot of manners to do a good counseling. We teach us to be a good leaders,  relaying John maxwell's teachings. However,  we could rest and recover energy to face this wonderful adventure with EMC.
On Thursday,  I was in Dr Emily's and I talked with a mother during a long time. She is from Puerto Rico and she has 3 children. She didn't want to abort. She needs economical help because she was about to break up with her husband. I recommended one of the EMC's office. She was worried but at the same time she had the happiness of her first kid. She was going to call to our offices for assistance and she was also going to ask her parents help with all this situation. 

As you can see,  it's never enough,  so please,  join me and let's pray more for all these kids and for their mom's.  Thanks!


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