Wednesday, July 29, 2015


For the past two weeks I have been sent to go to Choices a lot. Choices is a clinic, established about 40 years ago. Even though Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion clinic in the United States, there are several private ones that are as cruel as Planed Parenthood. Choices is located in Queens New York, in one of the worst neighborhoods. The first time that I went to Choices I was surprised, surprised by the name. Choices: it is plural meaning that abortion is not the only choice a woman can make. Then why call an abortion clinic Choices when they only choice given there to woman is to kill their babies.  All of these abortion clinics have names that contradict what they stand for.  Why? Obviously because it is all a big lie, they want to make women believe that they are being empowered, when in reality they are being destroyed. They are telling them we don’t believe that you are strong enough, smart enough and have the courage enough to handle the situation you are in. We don’t believe in you. Most of these abortion clinics were started by women, this makes me wonder who broke these women; they are so broken, it breaks my heart. I’m sure that someone lied to them. Someone told them or treated them like they were not enough: smart enough, good enough, strong enough. Many condemn these women, but they’re just like every women that wants to have an abortion and like each one of us, broken. Humanity, meaning all of us, are broken. All of us commit sin, all of us have been lied to. They are not soulless beings, they are our sisters, and just like all of us they are in great need of love, compassion and forgiveness. They are in great need of God. We are called to love them. We are called to be kind no matter how difficult it is.  I beg you from the bottom of my heart to pray for these women!
May the Lord bless you and keep you, may he grant you the desires of your heart.
May mother Mary keep you in her heart.

Your Sister In Christ,


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