Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Farewell New York

Before I go into my farewells I just want to update you on the Muslim woman I spoke about on my last blog. I called her on Friday to check up on her and I'm sorry to say that she did have the abortion. Even in that conversation she expressed how she didn't want to do it but she felt it was her best option. I comforted her and let her know I will always be available for her to talk if she ever needs anything. She said she would call me when she does decide to have children. That will be an exciting day for me and I hope she finds the healing she needs.

In other news...

I'm sad to break it to you but my journey here has come to an end. I have decided to continue the good fight back home in Texas, especially now that a Mega Planned Parenthood has just opened up in San Antonio. When I make it there I plan on ministering to these women and children so please keep this in your prayers.

I have met wonderful people all over the place from subway stations to boat rides on the Hudson River and of course my fellow interns at the Lifehouse.

Before coming to NYC, I watched a documentary of the development of a human person in the womb. It was so powerful! Do you know that feeling of watching something so inspiring with background music absolutely angelic it produces a profound effect of joyful amazement in the viewer... well this documentary did that plenty of times for me.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because at times I would be in the subway station and look at all the crowds of people and think... wow! At one point every single one of them was being formed in the womb of their mother!! I have a deeper appreciation for the belly button it's kind of funny. I imagine when we all go to heaven we'll finally be able to see our souls and think...wow that was our direct link to life from God and we will forever wear the mark of His love and support.

Thank you so much for being with me these past five weeks. God bless you and  please fight for a culture of life!

Sincerely yours,


P.s. I would like to share my last story with you, it is sad but it really is the truth and I hope this encourages you to stand up for woman and pre-born children.

P.s.s. Sorry for the long posts... I can't help myself :)
With Kathy on my last day of work!


Let me tell you what happened this past week!

At the end of the work week I had been trying to follow up with my clients and so this past Friday I called all the girls I had the opportunity of speaking with over the course of two weeks.

There was one women in particular who tested positive for being pregnant at 40 years old. When she got her sonogram the Friday before, we all learned that she was 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This type of news calls for a celebration, ESPECIALLY if she is wanting an abortion. Why? Because the law in New York is that you can only have an abortion up until 24 weeks of pregnancy.

She left upset when we informed her but we were glad to know that she will have to give her baby life whether it's parenting herself or choosing adoption.

Upon calling her to follow up with how she is doing, I was horrified to learn that she in fact did get an abortion.  Isn't this terrible!? These abortionists don't care about the law, nor about the woman! The further along in pregnancy a woman is, the potentially higher the risks are. Especially considering this woman is already 40 years old.... sweet Jesus this is just sad!

I wanted so badly to be an investigator and figure out all the details of where this doctor is and have his/her license removed FOREVER! It would also be nice to see the abortion clinic go down from lawsuits for doing illegal abortions.

It is so hard knowing that this kind of thing happens in secret everyday behind the walls of these so called "pro-woman" clinics. It's a dirty, dirty business but I remind myself as I was once instructed - for every evil there is a greater good just as there is a resurrection after the crucifixion.


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