Monday, July 6, 2015

"I am with you always to the very end of the age"

Last week in Queens, informing some women so that they can be part of the solution.

How important it is to turn to God when we feel hopeless. Nothing and No one but Him can heal us, and no one but Him knows the way. 

The end of the week was a bit rough for me. I know I shouldn’t give into my emotions, but sometimes this job gets to you. I haven’t had the opportunity to council women at an office yet (which I’ve heard it can be more painful since you get to know a bit more the women, but also way more rewarding since you have a better chance of changing their hearts), but when you are in front of a clinic counseling and despite of all your efforts, the women keep on going into those slaughters, it’s really hard to stay hopeful. But God never abandons his children to their fate, and so He put one of his angels in my way. This amazing person reminded me of the importance of praying and Hope, of how little we know of God’s plans for us all and of how all we need to do is do our best, never stop praying, and never lose faith, for even when everything seems so dark that we cannot see the light, God will provide. As He said “I am with you always to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

There is a lot we cannot see or imagine. Last week, as we were trying to figure out the schedules of some clinics to see where and when we could do more Good, I went into an abortion clinic in Queens and I asked when did they had the procedures. I was speaking with this nurse, the only person around, and as soon as she realized I was asking about abortions (they do all sort of procedures in that clinic), her face changed and she started to look around, and since we were all alone, she asked me if I was sure I wanted one and that if I wasn’t I could talk to her at anytime before going to the clinic. It’s amazing to see how conflicted a lot of the staff of this places are, because at times we forget that “nothing is black or white” and that those who we see as our enemies while standing in front of an abortion clinic, could one day be our allies. We have to not only keep on praying for the babies, the mothers and their families, but also pray hard for those nurses, doctors and other members of the personnel of the clinics, so that one day they will open their hearts and minds to God, to the Truth.

I’m aware I speak very little about what we are doing with our spare time in this incredible city, but today I felt like I had to let you know what a wonderful time I’m having in New York city, and how much I’ve enjoyed this past two weeks wandering in Central Park, crossing the Brooklyn bridge, going to a musical in Broadway, seeing the wonders of New York’s night from a rooftop, having a great “independence day” barbecue with all the interns, and spending all Sunday at Long Beach! And last week we got to participate in one of the most beautiful masses I have ever seen, when we went to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and we were able to enjoy the singing of an amazing Gospel choir (I get goosebumps again just thinking about it). I find it, both spending some quality time with this great people I’m surrounded with and the mass, so crucial to stay sane and optimistic and joyful… After all, we’re only human and God’s children.

Hoping you all had a 4th of July as wonderful as mine, until we “meet” again:


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