Thursday, July 16, 2015

A survivor

A beautiful black woman came through the Brooklyn office door and her first words were ‘I don’t want an abortion!’. She was explaining with her soft voice that she is trying to ger her boyfriend out of the flat because he is rough with her and makes her scared. The situation of this lady was complicated.

The reason she was considering abortion was because father of her first two children suggested her to have it. This pregnancy was caused by the current boyfriend, but the ex-boyfriend wanted to abort this baby and make her pregnant with his baby.

The client was so thirsty for peaceful life, happiness and true love. She knew that what her ex is doing is not right, and that the behaviour of the current boyfriend is unacceptable too. She was talking about how much loved she feels by her mentally disabled son, showed pictures of her beautiful children and told about a good time they have together.

I was astonished by the clear focus and wisdom of this lady. She is like a pheonix raised from ashes. She told me that she was forced into prostitution when she was a teenager, she was raped, had a gun to her head and developed depresion.

After her terrible past, she was fighting hard to have a healthy life and left the office with a courage to keep a baby and separate from an abusive boyfriend. Later the same week her boyfriend escorted her back to our office for an ultrasound. She was very patient with him, she took a lot of chastity and pregnancy information from us, and hopefully is building her dream life.


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