Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dealing With Challenging Situations

Oh how complicated life is!

First off, let me start by saying that last week flew by with many new interns to meet and help get settled into the lifehouse.

There is a story of one client I really want to share with you because her situation was so complicated and it really put into perspective what I am up against.

Monday, this beautiful young woman from Pakistan came to our Queens office early on in her pregnancy. She wants an abortion because she is supposed to go back to Pakistan in January and get married. If her very strict muslim family finds out she is pregnant they will call off the wedding and she will no longer have their support. We spoke extensively as she confessed that she really doesn't want to have to turn to this but feels like she has no choice. I felt her pain...what a terrible situation to be in.

When I would bring her fiancé up she would glow as her love for him exuded through her face. The statistics of couples breaking up due to abortion is so high at 80% that my heart broke knowing that these two have a small chance of making it anyway if she decides to abort. In the end she may end up totally alone.

Her whole future played in my head. I saw the challenging but rewarding future she might have giving life to her baby and I saw the painful and devastating future choosing death.

She nearly broke down knowing that her baby is already fully formed with a fully beating heart. She wasn't expecting for her baby to be so developed and she all of a sudden began thinking clearly. She decided she needed to have a deeper conversation with her fiancé and that she would have to figure out how to find a job that will sustain her and the baby as well as a new place to live. I mentioned to her that we could help with all of these things and she seemed more open to keeping her baby.

It was a great conversation but a difficult situation indeed. She left unsure of what to do but tomorrow I plan on following up with her and I'm hoping she goes into the office to get her sonogram!!!

Sincerely yours,

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