Friday, July 3, 2015

This baby will live!

A miracle happened today.
Next to Dr Emily's abortion clinic we met a very energetic and kind woman who worked for EMC 4 years ago. After long negotiations and help from interns she took 23 year old lady from abortion clinic to the Bronx office and left her with me.
She mainly considered abortion because she has 6 months old little baby boy and looks after 4 children of her siblings. She did not finish school but has a dream - she wants to be a nurse. Then we watched a video about abortion procedure. She was shocked because she has had an abortion when she was 15 and the baby was 5 months old. She was put to sleep, and only watching this video let her know what really happened.
Before the sonogram, she still thought that her baby will look only like a bean. But then we saw this full baby on the screen! The little one was turning from one side to another, then slept for a bit, woke up and was opening and closing little mouth, then reached out for a little foot. Apparently yoga was invented in the womb!
After this the girl knew she could not abort such beauty. We gave some toys and baby wipes, and kept in touch with this expectant mom. Her family was supportive!

P.s. I did not mention a father. They are not together, but the girl feels confident to be an independent mother.


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