Sunday, May 31, 2009

To suffer and to love

I arrived at the Lifehouse about a week and a half ago, unsure of what to expect but prepared to stay all summer. So far my time has here has been more rewarding than I could have imagined, small graces and joys piling up on one another.

Already I’ve heard stories so complicated and twisted I couldn’t have made them up. These girls and women come in and they are terrified. They feel trapped by their circumstances — not enough money, incomplete education, bad advice from parents, boyfriends. Oftentimes there’s a past hurt haunting them — a previous terminated pregnancy, sexual abuse, the death of a loved one for whom they still grieve.

They come in and we talk. We begin as complete strangers, but it’s not long before I hear things they don’t tell their husbands or boyfriends, their mothers or best friends.

We talk and I try to offer help. Concrete help, in the form of the many resources available, is easy enough. Soon enough I’ll be able to rattle off the various agencies and social services without a second thought. But before they can get to the point where they will consider food stamps or a maternity home, they need help with their pain.

Suffering. These girls are suffering, and in a very real sense this pregnancy will cause them to suffer in a way that no one else can ease. And they somehow believe that the suffering of carrying a pregnancy to term is far greater than the suffering of ripping your own child from within you and living with that knowledge until the day you die. Not because they’re cruel, not because they’re unintelligent. Because they have been misinformed and lied to. Because their circumstances for bringing life into the world are far from ideal.

Because they feel alone.

One of the center directors emphasizes this a lot. Look at the girl, she says. Look at her as though she is the most important person in the world to you. Look at her and see how she suffers, see how she carries this weight and is without hope. And I’m beginning to, accepting this challenge and this gift.

To suffer with those who suffer is, I have always thought, one of the most beautiful parts of Christ’s life on earth.

Present-Day Pentecost

In the last few weeks working as an intern for EMC, I have seen the Lord doing great things. Before this summer I had no experience in this type of work. This week, another intern and myself actually ran one of our offices in the Bronx. I have seen the Holy Spirit working through myself and all those surrounding me. During my time in the pregnancy centers, on the sidewalks, and witnessing small subway conversations, it is only too clear that we rely completely on the Holy Spirit to work through us. We are merely God's instruments: acting as His hands and feet. We are thankful that He has chosen to work through us to connect with expectant mothers and save innocent lives within the womb.

I recently heard someone remark, "These are the best of times. These are the worst of times."

This has never been more true. When watching the news it often seems that there is little to hope for, but I can attest and assure we are winning the battle one heart at a time. Love and compassion will always triumph--the war has already been won for us.

On this Pentecost Sunday, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit may descend once again and overflow our hearts. That the spirit will continue to guide our words and actions to bring glory to the kingdom on earth.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was an amazing day in the South Bronx center. Due to the fact that there were four interns and two volunteers at the center, Chris requested that leafleting be done and a table be set up. The table had magazines which featured information on abortion and fetal development as well as a television playing a dvd showing images of babies killed by abortion. Having to go back to the life house to get the 19" tv/dvd player along with a table did not sound like the most appealing thing to do with more than half the day gone but we did it anyways, and you would not have been able to guess what happened. The DVD showing the carnage of abortion drew and SHOCKED a great number of people passing by on the busy sidewalk. As I was talking to one person I noticed three young ladies standing in awe right infront of the television. They could not believe what they were seeing. These were not simply women whose minds were changed about abortion, one young lady in the group, was actually on her way to have an abortion down the street. After talking a bit on the street, the one girl and her friends followed me up the stairs to the pregnancy center. They met Liz, and we set up an appointment for some time next week. While it was clear she had made her mind up about not having the abortion, further counselling and a sonogram was set up just in case. How incredible, she was literally minutes away from having an abortion.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How young is too young?

On the way to work today on the 5 train, we saw the ad for our pregnancy care centers. It was so exciting and we took pictures. At our 149st office, I was able to spend time with a 16 year old girl. Her parents had forced her to get an abortion two weeks ago, even though she wanted to keep the baby. She was really heartbroken about her abortion. I was able to talk to her about her relationship with her boyfriend and about sexual purity. Her goal is to go to MIT and be the first one in her family to go to college. She is such a beautiful girl and has the potential to be a great leader in the future. I will never forget my time with her and will keep her in my prayers the rest of my life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Healty Abortion?

Today at the center on Jerome Avenue, a young couple came in seeking out an abortion. The mother was told by her doctor that due to the complications she had during the delivery of her now two-year-old, she should not have kids until age 25. Her and her boyfriend believed they needed this abortion for health reasons. However, after talking with them, and watching the video on the abortion procedures and potential complications, their attitudes quickly changed. Atleast 4 times during the video, her concerned boyfriend looked to her and said, "your not getting this abortion." Even if getting pregnant at 25 rather than 19 would reduce the risk of complications, the terribly unnatural procedure of abortion is far more dangerous physically and emotionally, than the very natural event of child birth. The couple were very grateful for having met us and for receiving the information we provided for them. The mother is scheduled for an ultrasound next Monday and plans to parent. Please pray for her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counseling One-on-One

Even though I have been working with EMC for a few weeks now, I had not had the chance to counsel a women solely by myself until today. During these past few weeks, I had simply sat in with another counselor so I could observe and learn from him/her.

Today, I worked at the 149th and 3rd Avenue center. Sometime in the morning, the center became very busy, and I was asked to counsel a girl because no one else was available. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide me as I took the girl in for her consultation, knowing that it was only through Him that a miracle could happen.

Thankfully, the girl was not sure of what to do, compared to the many other girls who are deadset on having an abortion. I guess this was God's way of easing me into the business. I talked with her about her homelife and about her thoughts on abortion. As I talked to her, I couldn't tell if she was actually taking in what I was saying. Finally, we signed her up for a sonagram and she left.

I went on with my day, sitting on many other counseling sessions. At around 3, the center recieved a phone call from the girl I had counseled earlier. She told us how happy she was to see the sonagram and hear her baby's heartbeat. She wanted to come back in and see us.

I was excited to hear this because I had been the main person who had talked to her. I thank God for this awesome experience!


Life is very interesting when you are trying to save innocent babies in NYC. Fortunately, there are many that call us instead of Planned Parenthood when they think they want an abortion and want to take "the easy way out". Of course, as Mary Comm says there is no easy way out. But unfortunately, confused and scared young ladies often do not realize this until it is too late for them and their baby. For that baby will always be their child, whether she chooses life or not.

There are always things that we in the Pro-Life community could be doing better to save the lives of those developing inside their mother's womb, but the bottom line is that we are taking action and thereby saving precious lives so that they too can live and know what it's like to breath outside of their mother's body.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Fight of Our Forefathers

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Heartbeat International annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. Two days prior to the beginning of the conference I was lucky to be able to tour Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. Walking in the footsteps of our founding fathers, revolutionary soldiers, and American colonists inspired me to think of the start of our nation. I contemplated the sacrifices made to gain our freedom and independence. The values, morals, and dignity embodied by men such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Patrick Henry stuck out vividly in my mind.

As the conference began, I met and listened to speeches by amazing leaders in the pro-life movement. These people have given their lives to the cause—fighting for the lives of the defenseless unborn. Leaders such as these make difficult sacrifices each day to help bring the hope of the Lord to women who have none. They are some of the most selfless, humble, and loving people that I have ever come into contact with. As a young person, I was motivated to give everything I had to the movement, as well. These pregnancy centers are the frontlines of the movement, and I have been blessed to be a part of this mission.

Reflecting on my week in Virginia, I couldn’t help but to notice the striking parallels between the battle waging now for the right to life and the battle for American freedom. In many ways, we are still fighting the same fight that the American revolutionaries were. At great risk and great sacrifice, people around the country are rising up and devoting all their energy to gain the most basic of rights—the right to LIVE. Our founding fathers were doing the same thing: pursuing the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without the first, no others can follow. The leaders of the pro-life movement understand this, and now its time for the rest of our great nation to understand it and stand up for it. If we will not speak up, who will?

“You will not silence my message. You will not mock my God. You will stop killing my generation.”

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hearbeat International Conference

This week I was able to take part in the Heartbeat International Conference in Richmond, Virginia. Hundreds of individuals from different pregnancy centers across the nation gathered together to hear talks and attend workshops given by some of the most distinguished pro-life leaders in the movement. It was an amazing experience. I was able to meet people like Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, and listen to Peggy Hartshorne, president of Heartbeat International. I was thoroughly inspired by the talks and learned many practical things about working within pregnancy care centers. This was the first time I was able to attend a conference of such great importance. I am grateful to Chris Slattery and this internship for this life changing experience. It has become clear that this internship is not only training individuals to work in pregnancy care centers, it is teaching those who take part in it, how to become the next generation of leaders within this great movement.

Save on the Sidewalk

Helped out two kids today in front of Dr. Emily's abortion clinic, the largest abortion clinic in the South Bronx. Well, they weren't really kids. 19 and 17 years old, looking for an abortion. They actually weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, probably because of the pregnancy. I was able to convince them to walk over to our mobile clinic, and Wadiya, our sonogram technician, gave her a sonogram and explained the abortion process to her. She scared her pretty good. Jamie was actually 15 weeks pregnant, and she said that she saw her baby dancing around on the sonogram.
When they were done with Wadiya, I took them over to White Castle and chatted with them a little longer. She said she "Couldn't see herself doing an abortion, but..." So I asked her, "What are the top 3 reasons why you're still thinking about walking in there and doing an abortion?" She could only list one reason, and it was her ex-boyfriend Niel sitting next to her. She said he already had one kid and can't even support him. I just told her that she really needs to forgive him first of all, and to not take out his misdeeds or her own on her poor little baby. But I ended with positive thoughts, and talked about baby showers and dressing up her baby in the hottest new Bronx fashions. She left happy and they're going to try to make it work. I got her number so I'll be following up this week.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everyday Miracles

It's amazing how many miracles happen every day. Little things like opening locked doors (with the key locked on the wrong side), locating one's destination through a maze of streets, or having a topic one has been agonizing about come up in casual conversation are miracles.

Take the case of one girl who came to our Brooklyn office today. She wandered in at the end of a very long day, with Linda shouting herself hoarse to a crowd of impatient women waiting for sonograms and their often less-than-interested friends. Between collecting sign-in papers, watching sonograms, and counseling, none of us had even taken a break for lunch. This beautiful young mother somehow found our office after speaking with a friend about her crisis pregnancy - she knows next to nothing about the father, and couldn't care less if she never sees him again - and miraculously finding our office building. Not only that, but she also made it past the two abortion clinics on her way up to us, with no more guidance than a sign in the building that labeled us as a pregnancy help center.

Up in the office, we were tired physically and emotionally; but we just can't turn anyone away. I was privileged with the opportunity to give up my (very late) lunch break to take her case.

As it turns out, lunch was nothing compared to this girl's problems. At 19 years old, she is a high school dropout. She is, for all reasonable purposes, homeless; she has been living with a friend for some time now. She calmly sat in our office and told Linda that she was applying to a pregnant women's shelter ("Shelters are for rats, not beautiful girls like you!" Says Linda), so she would have somewhere to live when the baby was born.

She is determined to keep her baby. She had an abortion several years back, and was so traumatized by the experience that she vowed never to do it again. Even when her sonogram - the last one we did that day - revealed that the baby was too young to get a clear picture, she smiled knowing that her little one was (according to the sonogram) growing well. She agreed to come back in a few weeks, and is eager to begin prenatal care at our clinic. We also contacted the Sisters of Life and several other maternal home organizers to try to find her a nice place to live while awaiting the arrival of her child.

None of our counselors changed this young woman's mind. We could have shown her the best videos we have or given her the most scientifically accurate information on fetal development available, and she could still have chosen to get an abortion.

God changed her mind. He chooses to work through the prayers and efforts of lowly servants like us - and you - to save these mothers and their precious infants.

Prayer Request

Please pray for Kelly, one of the girls that came into our office at Jerome and Fordham this week. She came in saying that she needed an abortion because she and her fiance were not ready for a child yet. After talking to her a little more about what was going on, I found out that Kelly actually did want to keep this child. In fact, she and her fiance had been very excited about the baby, though unplanned, they had been preparing for this baby. Then all of the sudden, her fiance "changed his mind" for no apparent reason. He began to threaten her and tell her she had to have an abortion. On top of all that, Kelly found out last week that she tested positive for TB and that there was a 90% chance that her baby would have TB too.

She is frightened and confused. She wants life for her baby, but everything seems to be going against her and for the abortion. She left the center saying she would pray about it more and I promised to pray for her fiance as well. Please pray that she chooses life despite the obstacles in front of her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saving Babies in NYC

Hello, my name is Philip J. Sherman and I first came to the lifehouse as an intern on Monday, May 11th, 2009, or 8 days ago. In those eight days I have been fortune enough to start planning an event to help bring down Dr. Emily's (Abortion Clinic), have been able to talk with some girls about the babies that God has placed inside of them, which is no accident; did some organizing at the Lifehouse (the Intern's House) and a couple of the offices we have in the Bronx, as well attend a Mets game.

Being in NYC you get used to spending a lot of time on the Subway system and having plenty of things to do. I'm also trying to digest as much information as possible at the clinics and the lifehouse.

Well that's all for now. If you ever want to get a hold of me feel free to at, facebook, myspace, etc.

You can also find me at,, and coming soon at

Catch ya later.

Working in the Brooklyn office...

Before this week, I had never worked at the Brooklyn office. I had grown accustomed to either going to Dr. Emily's or the Bronx's center. On Monday, I went to Linda's for the first time, not knowing what to expect. We had only been there a couple minutes before Linda showed us a sonogram of one of her clients. I had never seen a live sonogram before, and watching the baby's beating heart was amazing. I was able to sit in on a counseling session that day too, and even take part in one. Another intern, Amelia, and I counseled this one girl who was afraid to have a baby because of various reasons. We talked with this girl for about 2 hours straight, but she still wouldn't budge. Linda told me that we could not do anything more, but that it was the Holy Spirit's job from now on. I listened to Linda and prayed to the Holy Spirit. Before long, the girl had started to think about the possibility of keeping the baby. Originally, she was going to have the abortion the next day, but by the end of our talk, she agreed to come visit us again on Friday. I am looking forward to seeing her. Amelia called her yesterday to check up on her, and she is doing well. Working at Brooklyn was a truly amazing experience.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Went 2 for 3 today

I had three appointments at our Bainbridge Avenue pregnancy center, it's one of our smaller locations in the North Bronx. All 3 came in wanting abortions or undecided, and 2 of them left deciding to keep. The first couple was recently married, and they were scared. The guy did construction work but was recently out of work because of the economy, and she was 22 and not feeling ready for a child yet. She actually wasnt able to take the pregnancy test for over a half hour (cause she couldnt go to the bathroom... awkward) so I had to chat it up with the guy for that amount of time. During that time I was able to tell him about the girls I've helped, and planted the seed for him to think about being a good guy instead of being like so many other guys that I see force girls into abortions. When she came back from her test, they watched the abortion procedures video, and decided to keep. There was no way they wanted to do what they saw in the video.

The other girl that wanted to keep was only 17 and had a history of domestic violence and depression because of her mom. She actually called me later this afternoon and thought she needed a place to stay because her mom had kicked her out. I had Covenant House by Times Square all lined up for her, a non-profit group that houses underage people, but at the last minute she said that her aunt was able to take her in. She'll be getting a sonogram next week, pray that she still wants to keep her baby.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Experiences

This was my first week working for EMC. I could not believe the sheer number of desperate women that walk through our clinic doors each day. The first woman I had the privilege of counseling was a 19 year old woman named "Rachel". She came in for a pregnancy test which turned out positive. I then sat down with her and another intern to talk things out. During the conversation she began sobbing and weeping. My heart was torn open as I tried to comfort her through her distress.

Rachel is still in high school and currently living with her Aunt and Uncle. She has no other place to go and no other support after an argument with her family. She could not face the thought of bringing a child into the world under these conditions. She felt her only real option would be to abort. My job was to convince her otherwise.

I explained to her that the life inside her was a precious gift. The concerns she had were all material, and I ensured that we would work with her to find solutions through jobs and living accommodations. These obstacles were temporary and material. The life inside her womb was not replaceable. It is a gift that should be treasured. I told her that she could overcome these obstacles. She had strength within her that she didn't know she had. The Lord would work through her and provide for the child.

I could see the fear, the hurt, the pain, the wounds, and the confusion in her eyes. But I could also see the honesty, the yearning, and the love shining through too.

Rachel still lacked confidence when she left the office that day, but agreed to come in the following morning for a sonogram. I was lucky to be able to watch the sonogram with her, as Rachel's baby boy danced inside the womb. She was almost 4 months along. I watched Rachel laugh and smile as she watched her child. She insisted it was a girl, not a boy.

After the sonogram Rachel was still considering abortion. She did not want to bring a child into the world to suffer. She did not want her baby to face the struggles she had faced. I assured her once more that a difficult life was better than no life at all and that the greatest gift she could give to her child was the love she already had within her heart. No house, or toys, or big backyard would make up for that.

We then set up a meeting for Rachel to meet with the Sisters of Life. I did not know what she was going to decide. She wanted more than anything to be able to keep her baby, but she was afraid.

The following day while praying and counseling outside of Dr. Emily's I received a text message that Rachel had been into the clinic again and had decided to keep the child. She was no longer crying, but laughing. I've never been so excited and happy in my life.

It was amazing to witness the miracles that the Lord is working through EMC. I felt so blessed, so thankful, to be able to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. May the Holy Spirit continue to work through me and all the other EMC interns. Praise be to God!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Only God can soften the hearts hurt by abortion..

EMC has several offices all over the Bronx and this morning David, a fellow intern, and I were at the Fordham Rd and Jerome Ave office with a day full of booked appointments. But only two girls kept their appointments one of which was very early in her pregnancy and looking for an abortion. We were able to give her a pregnancy test and show her the standard non-graphic abortion procedure video which made her realize the procedure would be very dangerous, nonetheless, she felt an abortion would be her best choice. Through the counseling session she tells me she has had two previous abortion, so I am very careful in my approach to make her realize that another abortion would the farthest thing from her "best choice". The next thing I know this expectant mother starts to cry, this was the last thing I saw coming. This poor mother of three children(two deceased and one in the oven)and only 20 years old has built up so many walls that I knew only God could bring them down. With the few loving words that David and I tried express to this wounded daughter she, God willing, has had a change of heart. Agreeing to get a sonogram at the end of the month, I believe this mother will be a mother of a living child in months to come! Praise be the Almighty God!

He Punched her in the Stomach

I met Tiffany this morning outside the back of Dr. Emily's abortion clinic, the largest abortion clinic in the South Bronx. She was hysterically crying, it took me a couple minutes just to be able to speak with her; she stopped for me but wasn't able to speak. When she finally opened up, she said that she didnt want to do an abortion again, she had had two in the past. Her boyfriend was forcing her to do it. When I took her over to our mobile clinic, she actually told us that her boyfriend had beat her that morning.

He punched her in the stomach.

He kept calling her to make sure she was doing it. She finally told him that she wasn't going do it, that it was her life and that all he does is treat her like she's a body. The only problem was that he was watching her child. She told her mom to get her child away from him, but he wouldn't give her up.

In the meantime, I took her over to our South Bronx pregnancy center because Liz, the director there, was much more experienced in these tough cases. Liz asked her if she would call the cops on this man. She said, "No, I don't want to hurt him." I let her sit in the back room for a minute to talk on the phone, and as I went to get an intake sheet on the other side of the center, she left. I ran out the doors to find her, but she was gone. I didn't get her number yet. I hope to God that she's ok, I don't think she'll be seeking an abortion, but she's going to be seeking an enraged boyfriend if she gets in contact with him. She knows where we are, though, and has a bunch of our numbers. I hope she calls us back.

Abortion Hurts Women

When Andrea walked into Dr. Emily's it seemed like nothing had reached her. She blew off the sidewalk counsellor and refused the literature. She didn't even appear to have heard what was said. She walked straight in without stopping at all.

Then God touched her heart.

Some hours later she came out the back of the clinic and I approached her. She tried to blow me off at first, but I persisted and asked her to take our literature. She refused, but admitted that she was having second thoughts about the abortion. I said to her "You know, abortion hurts women." She stopped walking, looked me in the eyes and said "I know." She took the literature. I asked her if she would like a free sonogram, gesturing to our mobile clinic that is parked around the corner from Dr. Emily's. She hesitated, but when I told her there was no waiting she agreed.

She saw her baby for the first time (she was 13 weeks pregnant!!) and started to cry. Then she really opened up to Julie and told her story, and it turns out she is post abortive and knew very well that the statement that abortion hurts women is painfully true. In the end, another baby saved and another mother helped. All for the glory of God.Abort

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From High to Low

Today was an amazing day! A client came in to EMC Pregnancy Care Bronx office. She was abortion minded. She had a 3 & ½ month old at home and didn’t want another baby so soon. After showing her the pamphlet on abortion procedures, Amy and I talked with her about keeping the baby. She was still unsure but I could tell she was starting to consider keeping the baby. We then showed her and another client the cartoon video on abortions. Both women were silently crying by the end of the video.
I took these two women and another one to Bronx Care for ultrasounds. It was my first time seeing an ultrasound done live. I got to hear the heartbeat of one of the babies and the other baby was 5 weeks and 1 day. One of the clients out of the three was still abortion minded. During the ultrasound, Katherine couldn’t find the baby and couldn’t hear the heartbeat. She called the doctor in and the doctor told her that she had miscarried the baby. The girl appeared to be relieved on the outside, but asked for a picture of the baby. When she though no one was looking, I saw her looking heartbroken at the picture of her baby.
I realize how important it is that we are here for these women and the unborn children. No one else is here to give a voice to the unborn.

Juliet Marie

Raising Babies

I guess I never realized just how much it takes to raise a baby. Bringing several carloads of diapers, baby wipes, and baby bottles up to the clinic - and subsequently being told that those supplies would have to be stretched to last four months at our distribution rate - really opened my eyes to that fact. It was something to keep in mind as I counseled a 15-year-old girl, 4 weeks pregnant, who came into the clinic dead-set on having an abortion because, in her words, "I'm too young. I'm just too young."

As Liz, our clinic director, pointed out: "If you're too young to have a baby you're too young to have sex." It was a little too late for our young mother, but she definitely got the point.

Hopefully, some healing tears while watching our videos and some support from her boyfriend will help her get through this situation. She still wasn't thoroughly convinced to keep her tiny baby, but she said she would discuss things with her boyfriend.

If she decides to keep her little boy or girl, she will be just one of several mothers whose eyes were opened to the truth at our clinic today. Her decision, like theirs, will be life-changing; but, at the very least, she will not have to live with the regret and shame that comes with having killed her own child in the name of "choice."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first few days working for EMC...

I started my internship this past Sunday, May 10th. I didn't know what to expect because working as a pro-life intern was going to be a whole new experience for me. On Monday, I was able to take part in a counseling session at the Bronx's EMC center. I felt the love of God flow through the counselor's words to the despairing soon-to-be mothers at the clinic that day. I knew that we were doing the Lord's work.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we prayed and sidewalk counselled outside of Dr. Emily's Women's Health Center (a.k.a. abortion clinic). This was a moving experience for me because even though I had prayed outside a clinic before, I had never had the courage to counsel one of the women on the sidewalk as she walked toward the clinic doors. On Tuesday, I was very much reserved, but by the time Wednesday came, I was openly talking with the women, explaining that we offered free sonagrams to them and that we cared for their own wellbeing as well as their babies. There were a couple saves, and I am glad to have witnessed God's amazing power.
Today at the Brooklyn EMC center, I was privileged to be able to sit in on, and take part in (to a small extent) a counselling session that took place primarily between Linda (the counselor of the center) and a young couple. I learned a great deal watching Linda counsel. It was clear that the young couple were put at ease with the care and understanding which Linda showed to them. After talking with them, watching a few video's, and talking a little more, the mother agreed to come back for an ultrasound. I was able to talk to the young father. He told me that he did not want his girlfriend to go through the troubles which abortion would enevitably cause her. I believe he will be a good and supportive father to his child and that, as in many cases, once the mother actually sees the sonogram of her child, abortion for her will be unthinkable. I am learning so much here with EMC, and am very eager to bring the wisdom and techniques learned here to save lives back in Toronto, Ontario, my home city.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Your Baby has a Heartbeat!"

First thing this morning, a young woman named Sandra came into the center wanting an abortion. She already has one child, her boyfriend has two with another woman, neither have steady employment, and she is trying to finish school. It seemed to her that her only option was abortion. At that point, another counselor came into the room and said to Sandra "Do you know that your baby has a heartbeat?" Sandra stared in disbelief and then started to cry, saying over and over again "I don't want to kill my baby!"

Her boyfriend then came into the room and they both viewed the video on abortion procedures. By the end, they were both crying! Sandra then got on the phone with her mother to tell her that she is expecting her second grandchild due in January! Her boyfriend also called his mother, who knew about the pregnancy and that they were considering abortion, who said "I have been praying all day that someone would talk some sense into you!" Turns out the boyfriend is post abortive, and still suffering from the loss of his child. He took information on the days of healing for men and said that he would definitely go. All in all, the power of prayer and of God's love and healing was very strong today!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update on Chrystal

See the post from March 11 for the beginning of this story.

Chrystal was a turnaround from last December, one of the most amazing stories we have ever seen. She's about 8 months pregnant now, and unfortunately drama is still happening, she just isn't able to settle down and have her pregnancy in peace. Her husband, not surprisingly, is still a jerk to her and is verbally abusive. One of the last things a mom wants during a pregnancy is stress because it can result in miscarriage, so Chrystal reached out to Clare again. They have been in constant contact throughout the pregnancy, and Clare has been able to get her into various homes. This past week, Chrystal was having a difficult time with one of the homes she was at, she was unable to work out details to stay, so she asked Clare if she could come stay with her at the intern Lifehouse in the Bronx again. Clare asked Chris's permission if she could stay again, (founder and president of EMC) and he thought it was fine.

Chrystal stayed with Clare all this week. She needed help moving her stuff from the Missionaries of charity to the Lifehouse so that she could move it to a program she will be beginning next week in Connecticut, so I drove her and Clare down to the the Missionaries of Charity in Brooklyn, loaded up her stuff, and brought it all back.
On the ride back she opened up to me about her past relationship with her husband, and it almost brought me to tears. Anything that could go wrong with a marriage has happened to her, and from her word she has been faithful and is just trying to be able to raise her daughters. If anything has given her hope, it's this pregnancy.
She thinks they'll be able to get work and be able to raise the kids peacefully.

Another way I see great hope in Chrystal is her desire to give back to others. She said that a homeless man asked her for money on the bus the other day, and she said that she didn't have money but could get him food stamps. She walked with him to the place where she picks them up and gave him some. He was blown away by her kindness, being 8 months pregnant and all, and asked how he could repay her. She just asked him to do something nice for someone else.

We'll keep you updated on further developments. Pray for Chrystal to work out the court dispute for custody of her 2 daughters, for her and her husband to get work, for her to give a healthy birth, and for them to have a healthy marriage!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Looking Up

New York is certainly different from any other place I've lived or done mission work. At the abortion mills in Pittsburgh, where I prayed during the school year, there are "Pro-Choice Escorts" who literally drag the mothers past the prayer supporters and sidewalk counselors.

At Dr. Emily's, that is not the case. It's a bit heartening that counselors can actually speak with the girls to some extent, but discouraging that what is considered a quiet day at Dr. Emily's is a relatively busy day at the clinics in Pittsburgh. With so many women and children being hurt each day, it's sometimes hard to tell if we're even making a difference.

It was cloudy all afternoon. The weather forecast called for rain, and we all brought umbrellas in case. There was even some talk of leaving if things got too bad.

Then, around the time the last post-abortive woman left the clinic, the clouds cleared. Seeing that bit of blue sky surrounded by clouds reminded me that God is in control, even outside an abortion clinic in New York City.

Friday, May 1, 2009

49 calls in 3 days from Subway ads: Bklyn Office Alone!

Just got an update from Linda, the director of our Brooklyn EMC office. We received 49 calls over the past three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) from our subway ads, and these calls were only to our Brooklyn phone line, we have three other phone lines listed on the subway ad! The ad reads "Free Abortion Alternatives" and lists underneath it, "Free Pregnancy Tests, Free Sonograms, and Free Confidential Options Counseling." These ads cost a lot to run, but the results are priceless! The centers have been packed and we're saving more babies than ever!

p.s. You can see our ad below on the left of the page.

If he saw that he would know it's not the best for me...

Last Saturday I helped save a baby at our South Bronx pregnancy center. The mom's name was Isabelle, she was a high schooler, 8 weeks pregnant, and abortion bound. The first question I asked her was, "How much do you know about abortion?" "Nothing" was the poor girl's response. She said that she just knew her dad would force her to get one if he ever knew she was pregnant. I popped in the abortion procedures video, its a non-graphic animated video which shows the two most common types of abortions and the typical complications that can result.

It can be easy to forget just how shocking this video is when you have seen it over and over again, but the look on her face reminded me of my first time seeing it.
Her mouth was wide open and she was speechless. Her eyes were wide open as well, and she was almost on the verge of tears.

"I am not doing that!"

She then started to talk about her father. "I know he just wants the best for me, but if I showed him all that there's no way he'd think that's the best for me." She took the words right out of my mouth! I signed her up for an ultrasound and we decided she should wait a little bit before she tells her parents, she knows that it will be much harder for them to want her to get an abortion when she is further along in her pregnancy.