Friday, May 15, 2009

He Punched her in the Stomach

I met Tiffany this morning outside the back of Dr. Emily's abortion clinic, the largest abortion clinic in the South Bronx. She was hysterically crying, it took me a couple minutes just to be able to speak with her; she stopped for me but wasn't able to speak. When she finally opened up, she said that she didnt want to do an abortion again, she had had two in the past. Her boyfriend was forcing her to do it. When I took her over to our mobile clinic, she actually told us that her boyfriend had beat her that morning.

He punched her in the stomach.

He kept calling her to make sure she was doing it. She finally told him that she wasn't going do it, that it was her life and that all he does is treat her like she's a body. The only problem was that he was watching her child. She told her mom to get her child away from him, but he wouldn't give her up.

In the meantime, I took her over to our South Bronx pregnancy center because Liz, the director there, was much more experienced in these tough cases. Liz asked her if she would call the cops on this man. She said, "No, I don't want to hurt him." I let her sit in the back room for a minute to talk on the phone, and as I went to get an intake sheet on the other side of the center, she left. I ran out the doors to find her, but she was gone. I didn't get her number yet. I hope to God that she's ok, I don't think she'll be seeking an abortion, but she's going to be seeking an enraged boyfriend if she gets in contact with him. She knows where we are, though, and has a bunch of our numbers. I hope she calls us back.

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