Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Conociendo Bronx office...

He conocido la oficina del Bronx y ha sido una pasada. La gente que ayuda en todas las oficinas es alucinante. He estado con un voluntario y hemos hablado con las chicas, una a una. Poco a poco voy entendiendo mejor mi papel y como hablar a las chicas. Partiendo de la base de que el ingles no es mi primera lengua, es un poco mas complicado transmitir mis pensamientos.

El funcionamiento de la oficina es el siguiente, EMC ofrece test de embarazo gratis. Luego las chicas vienen, les hacemos rellenar un cuestionario para conocerlas mejor. He tratado de empaparme de la manera en que los voluntarios hablan con ellas, como razonan, como las chicas en vez de salir en direccion contraria cuando les aconsejamos no abortar, escuchan sus consejos. Muchas no tienen nadie que les hable como alguien que se preocupa por ellas. Por supuesto, algunas chicas escuchan y siguen pensando lo mismo, otras te dan la razon pero dicen que no estan preparadas, otras deciden plantearselo,... nuestra labor consiste en conseguir guiar a estas madres (porque ya lo son) por los caminos que son mejores para ellas sin sacrificar ese regalo tan precioso que es la vida humana.

Todos los test de embarazo salieron negativos.

Lo importante es que nosotros les eduquemos y mostremos la realidad. Si despues de ello, las chicas deciden seguir adelante con la idea de abortar, nosotros nos despedimos de ellas y les damos nuestros telefonos por si en el futuro necesitaran hablar con alguien. Nosotros estamos alli para ellas.

Foto: Joni, Lili ySanti en la unidad movil

Made My Day :)

It made my day when;
We went to Carnegie Hall to hear the Atlantic Symphonic Orchestra (which was awesome in itself) and the Sisters of Life were there only a few rows from us!  I love seeing that visible presence of our faith!
I was praying outside of Emily's abortion clinic and a young man walked up to me and as I regretfully  steeled myself for some Pro-Abortion attach he asked "Are they killing baby's today?" and when I told him yes today is an abortion day he went on and told me what a tragedy and how sad abortion is.  It is nice to be reminded there ARE pro-life New Yorkers out there!
I brought a girl in the bus, with her sister and boy friend, to have a sonogram and they stayed three hours chatting with me like we were old friends.  :)
I got to stay in my PJ's all day on a Monday watching movies and eating food due to hurricane Sandy.  Hoorah for a much needed break!
Praise God for all the little blessings in my life!!

Marta, Myself and Maggie on our way to Carnegie Hall!

A Hard Life

This morning I arrived at the Emily's abortion mill at 7:30.  I started saying my Rosary and within two hours 8 girls had walked through the doors leading to the death of their baby.  I handed out pamphlets, many of which were rejected, and tried to talk to the girls, most of which efforts were ignored.   I was able to talk with a girl and her boyfriend for a while but in the end they also passed through Emily's cold glass doors.   Another girl stopped to talk with me though her boyfriend hurried to get past me to the "security" the closed doors of Emily's could offer his culpable conscious from my presence.   She, in turn, also passed through the doors.  At 9:30 a camera crew arrived to do a news report on the story of Christine Quinn, a New York city counsel woman running for Mayer, who is organizing deathscorts aka escorts to be trained and come out in large numbers to "combat" the presence of Pro-Lifers. "Volunteers are being recruited via the city’s Web site,, and through e-mails. They’ll be trained by Planned Parenthood and the NYCLU at City Hall on Oct. 28 and 29."   Chris Slattery talked with the News caster and while this was going on a woman came up and asked me why the camera was there.  I explained and as soon as she understood what I was doing there I was immediately cut off and bombarded with a torrent of heated words and anger.  She, as most New Yorkers I have noticed, do not realize the existence of personal space.  She leaned in abrasive and loud, spittle spewing from her mouth as she asked me how I expect a girl who is a dedicated bar hopper and clubber, who conceives from a drunk, one night stand, stranger to keep that baby?  Barely being able to slip in "Is that the baby's fault?" She charges ahead asking me where she and the baby are supposed to live.  I answer we have expectant mother homes we can connect the mother with where she can stay while she is pregnant till the baby is a year old. 18 months.  Indignant, she demands whats supposed to happen to them after that.  I replied that we try to give them that time in the homes to help them get their feet under them so that hopefully by that time they will have a job and be ready to start living on their own.  Her words pour out fast and angry.  She asked questions not waiting for answers and she told me to "wait till I am done"  when I tried to answer them.  Finally I took a step forward, raised my voice, and said forcibly "Its my turn!!"    Her voice changed a little bit as she took a step back and said "OK".   I tried to address as many of her charges I could remember, particularly  adoption because she had said she would never give a child away because that child would hate her for it.  She tried to interrupt a few times but I held my ground and said solidly "No! Its still my turn!"  which I think, as oddly as it is, she respected me for.  In the end, when I gave her back the floor, she continued spewing words of anger obviously caused by hurt.  "I was raped.  I am gay.  I hate men which is why all my friends are men because I am afraid of them."  She ranted on to me about all her family members and their messed up lives.  Her nieces and nephews that were abused by her sister-in-law.  Her relatives in the foster care system who were abused.  On and on.   Such hurt.  I stood there and listened praying silently for her. She went on, no break in her words, for at least 8 minutes. Then she abruptly turned and walked away.  "I am so sorry for your pain." I called to her.  "I am so sorry."  

      How tragic the pain fellow human beings suffer.  The hurt that is inflicted on them and the hurt they inflict upon themselves by closing themselves off from any human comfort or help so as to not be so vulnerable again.  What can I say to a woman so wronged besides "I am sorry" which seems so minuscule in the face of such injury?  I am so sorry.

"Why are you downcast, my soul? Why do you groan within me?  Wait for God, for I shall again praise him, my savior and my God."   - Psalm 43:5


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Abrete al mundo

Hemos ido temprano a la clinica del Dr. Emily y le han echo una entrevista a Chris. 
Por lo tanto hemos salido en la tv americana!! 
Mas tarde he ido a la oficina del Bronx. Ha venido una chica con la idea de abortar y ha salido queriendo darlo en adopcion. Solo necesitaba apoyo y conocer exactamente todos los riesgos que contrae un aborto (que son muy serios, ya que es una operacion ciega, en la que el medico no ve lo que hace) y otras opciones como la adopcion. Estas chicas se merecen saber que va a pasar en su cuerpo si deciden abortar.

Por un bebe dado en adopcion, hay 5 parejas que desearian adoptarlo.
Muchas de las mujeres, que vienen hasta nuestra oficina, prefieren abortar a su bebe a darlo en adopcion, dicen que se sienten incapaces de tenerlo en sus brazos y darlo a otra persona.; lo cual es un sinsentido si se pararan a pensarlo un poco. Toda mujer tiene, dentro de su ser, el sentimiento de proteger a sus hijos por encima de todo. Un aborto es algo traumatico para cualquier mujer, por mucho que pasen decadas sin apreciarse sintomas (principalmente las psicologicas). Al abortar, estan permitiendo que otra persona coarte la vida de su hijo. Y es una decision con la que tendran que convivir toda su vida, no tiene vuelta atras.
Por supuesto hay situaciones realmente muy dramaticas, pero existen organizaciones como EMC dedicadas por completo a ayudar en todo lo posible a las mujeres embarazadas.

Tambien hemos ido a una vigilia catolica en Manhattan, amenizada posteriormente por un concierto de rap muy entretenido. Fue muy animante la cantidad de gente joven que hay en NY! No somos pocos y tenemos que aprender a hacer ruido! No nos tiene que dar miedo defender la vida ante todo. Si no lo hacemos nosotros, quien defendera a las generaciones venideras?

Foto: El sabado conocimos Times Square.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Sonogram At Emily's

We had a very busy day at Emily's yesterday. Usually, it's really hard to get a girl going in to even pause for 1 second to take a pamphlet from me. A lot of them will pretend that they don't hear me and just continue walking in. So, at about 9:30 two girls were walking out of the back door of Emily's  with a small boy, maybe about 2 years old. I thought, why not approach them, it can't hurt. I started to talk with them, and one of them said "I know what you guys are trying to do, you're gonna convince her not to get an abortion, cause that's what you did with this little guy." She had been to get an abortion at Emily's 2 years ago and got a sonogram from us and decided to her baby, who is now a beautiful 18 month-old boy. Even though she was now bringing her friend to get an abortion after she herself was a turnaround, I convinced both of them to come with me to the front entrance to the sonogram bus. Her circumstance was like so many other girls; un-supportive boyfriend and parents, no emotional support at all, worried about how to clothe the baby, where the baby will sleep, etc. She felt like abortion was her only option. I was able to talk with her during the sonogram, but none of the help we offered seemed to make a difference to her. She took my number, though, and said she would call me if she wanted to talk more.


Hola! empiezo hoy a escribir este blog y por lo tanto voy a presentarme: soy Marta y aterrice hace dos semanas desde Espana. Voy a estar por un periodo de 3 meses. Mi primer contacto con la cultura americana fue muy intenso, ya que no estaba acostumbrada a mantener una conversacion en ingles tanto tiempo seguido. Perdonar la falta de puntuacion, escribo desde un ordenador americano y no tiene tildes ni esa vocal unica de nuestro idioma.

Ese mismo dia tuve que esperar a que mis nuevos companeros de piso volvieran de una charla. Compre algunas cervecitas para aligerar el encuentro, idea de un amigo que vino en verano. Este amigo me comento hace pocos meses en que consistia EMC. En cuanto me entere de la gran labor que realiza Chris en NY y la posibilidad de vivir alli de una manera tan especial, decidi volcar todos mis esfuerzos en hacer realidad este viaje.

No hemos parado desde el primer momento que aterrice en la Lifehouse (nuestra casa). La siguiente manana teniamos que estar a las 7.3 en la clinica de Dr. Emily. Una anecdota graciosa del dia de mi llegada fue que nos habian puesto una multa por no tener la acera lo suficientemente limpia y me puse a barrer a fondo, como una americana mas! Me sorprendio, porque en Espana no tenemos ese deber.

En cuanto a la clinica, me explicaron en que consiste nuestro trabajo alli. Nuestra mision es tratar de que las chicas que van a la clinica a abortar piensen en alternativas posibles al aborto, les ofrecemos un panfleto a la entrada y la posibilidad de hacerse una ecografia gratis en un autobus, que esta en frente de la clinica, para saber de cuanto tiempo esta embarazada exactamente. Todo lo contrario a lo que los medios de comunicacion tratan de hacer creer, somos una organizacion pacifica y lo unico que buscamos es que una mujer tenga toda la informacion y ayuda necesarias para decidir con mas libertad. Por experiencia sabemos que muchas chicas se ven abocadas a abortar por no tener seguro medico, seguridad economica, empleo, una persona con la que hablar,…

Me despido de vosotros haciendo una breve reflexion sobre todo el bien que podriamos hacer regalando grandes sonrisas a los demas, porque esa sonrisa puede hacer mucho bien. Quiza la otra persona tenga unas circunstancias dificiles, no se sienta querida, valorada,… y tu sonsira le haga ver el mundo de otra manera. Verdad que merece la pena, no?

A Baby Is Never a Mistake!

On Monday I counseled two girls, one right after the other, who both were deadest on having an abortion.  I spent a long time with each, exhausting every line of logic and information I could give them to no avail.   Just as a new girl entered the office Maggie arrived.  Feeling rather down and exhausted from my two previous consultations I asked Maggie if she would take the next girl.  Maggie told me she hadn't eaten lunch yet so I squared my shoulders and invited the next girl back.  God is so good.  :)  As I started talking with her my spirits couldn't help but lift as her infectious joy filled the room.  She was 21 and had a three year old daughter at home.  She told me she and her boyfriend had been through a lot but were making ends meet.  They were renting a small room and she was working on finishing collage which was why, she told me, she was nervous and had come in to take the test because the timing wasn't all that great for a baby.  At this point in the conversation I steal up my nerves and ask the  "If your test is positive what do you plan to do with this pregnancy?" question.   "Oh I would parent!"  She stated decidedly and then launched into the most Pro-life dialogue I have ever heard from a girl coming into EMC for a pregnancy test.   "You know I said it was bad timing for a baby, which it is,  but a baby is never a mistake.   My three year old daughter wasn't "planned" but she is defiantly not a mistake.  And I don't think a baby should have to pay for my mistake.  I know I wasn't as careful as I should be and that abstinence is the 100% sure way but that's my problem not the baby's.   I don't believe in abortion and my boyfriend doesn't believe in abortion and we would never do that."  I wanted to cry as she went on about how she loves babies and could never do that.  After my first two girls, who so decidedly wanted an abortion, you start to feel as if absolutely no one in the whole city of New York wants a baby and respects that tiny life.  Then, just when I need some encouragement, God sends me that sweet, joyful girl and shows me that "There is some good out there still worth fighting for." - Sam LOR. 

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name - Psalms 100:4

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All Glory be to God!

     It was pouring rain.  I repositioned my umbrella so the wind wouldn't break it.   In between prayers I mused at how crazy I looked to passer buyers.  A lone girl, holding pamphlets, standing in the rain, apparently talking to herself.  A Crazy girl.  I was at the back entrance so there wasn't a whole lot of traffic in and out of Emily's abortion center especially so because of the rain.  A girl entered the far gate into the parking lot and I watched as she lit a cigarette and stood in the rain taking visibly long drags.  As many yards away from me as she was I could see and sense her stress.  A while later a woman walked by me going into the clinic.  I spoke hoping I was using the right words.  She didn't look at me as she continued past and disappeared behind the door.  I took a deep breath and continue on with my rosary.  I saw two girls walking up on my left.  I walked up and met them and asked if they had an appointment at Emily's clinic.  One of the girls nodded and I handed her a pamphlet as I asked if she knew how far along she was in her pregnancy and I told her that we could give her a free ultrasound in the white bus.  It will only take five minutes whereas in Emily's she would have to wait a couple hours.  They looked a little dubious but I smiled and continued speaking and they followed me to the bus.   As we waited for Roseanna to set up the ultrasound machine Lilly and I talked to them asking why she couldn't have the baby.  She told us she wants to go to college and she is too young for a baby.  Not ready.  They started feeling very unsure of their surroundings and her friend looked as if she was about to bolt.   I switched the conversation asking where she had got her shoes and were there are some good places to shop in The Bronx.  At this point Roseanna came in to take the girls to the back room.  I waited in the front saying silent prayers.  Through the door I heard the strong, fast heartbeat of the baby.  A few minutes after that Roseanna poked her head out and said "It's a boy! 24 weeks!".  I was able to go in the back and see the ultrasound.  Both the girls were crying and the friend stroked the girl's hair as she lay on the bed looking up at her baby.  "Look at all that hair!"  Roseanna said as she pointed it out.  "I have always wanted a boy,"   the girl smiled still crying.  As they left her friend took off her coat and put it over the young mothers shoulders to help shield her from the rain.  I congratulated her and she told me thank you.  I smiled barely holding back my joyful tears as I responded  I was so glad I had been there to talk to her.  "So am I."  She replied.   

What a gift God gave me to allow me to be present while he allowed his grace to work on that girl's heart.   For the Holy Spirit to move her and to give her the courage and openness of heart to enter that bus for the ultrasound.   Praise God from whom all good things flow!!   There is nothing more I can say then glory be to God!  All Glory be to God now and forever!!!