Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Made My Day :)

It made my day when;
We went to Carnegie Hall to hear the Atlantic Symphonic Orchestra (which was awesome in itself) and the Sisters of Life were there only a few rows from us!  I love seeing that visible presence of our faith!
I was praying outside of Emily's abortion clinic and a young man walked up to me and as I regretfully  steeled myself for some Pro-Abortion attach he asked "Are they killing baby's today?" and when I told him yes today is an abortion day he went on and told me what a tragedy and how sad abortion is.  It is nice to be reminded there ARE pro-life New Yorkers out there!
I brought a girl in the bus, with her sister and boy friend, to have a sonogram and they stayed three hours chatting with me like we were old friends.  :)
I got to stay in my PJ's all day on a Monday watching movies and eating food due to hurricane Sandy.  Hoorah for a much needed break!
Praise God for all the little blessings in my life!!

Marta, Myself and Maggie on our way to Carnegie Hall!

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