Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Sonogram At Emily's

We had a very busy day at Emily's yesterday. Usually, it's really hard to get a girl going in to even pause for 1 second to take a pamphlet from me. A lot of them will pretend that they don't hear me and just continue walking in. So, at about 9:30 two girls were walking out of the back door of Emily's  with a small boy, maybe about 2 years old. I thought, why not approach them, it can't hurt. I started to talk with them, and one of them said "I know what you guys are trying to do, you're gonna convince her not to get an abortion, cause that's what you did with this little guy." She had been to get an abortion at Emily's 2 years ago and got a sonogram from us and decided to her baby, who is now a beautiful 18 month-old boy. Even though she was now bringing her friend to get an abortion after she herself was a turnaround, I convinced both of them to come with me to the front entrance to the sonogram bus. Her circumstance was like so many other girls; un-supportive boyfriend and parents, no emotional support at all, worried about how to clothe the baby, where the baby will sleep, etc. She felt like abortion was her only option. I was able to talk with her during the sonogram, but none of the help we offered seemed to make a difference to her. She took my number, though, and said she would call me if she wanted to talk more.

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