Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When Clients Start to Become Friends

Today was I had a wonderful experience in the Brooklyn office. After seeing three new clients in the late morning and early afternoon, two young girls who had come in last week returned. Nicole had come last week with her friend Becky; they are 16 and 15. At that point, Nicole was only 1 week late for her period and her test came out negative. However, both Linda and I talked to them about pre-marital sex and chastity. They both came back today because Nicole still hadn't gotten her period. Again, her test was negative, and I told her if she stops stressing about it, she will probably get her period soon.
After we did the test, the three of us just sat and talked for about an hour. This time, most of the conversation revolved around the issues that Becky is having with her ex-boyfriend. He keeps trying to get back together with her, and she doesn't want to because she knows he just wants sex, and she doesn't really want to do that any more, but she keeps talking with him and falling for his sweet nothings. By the end of the hour I had convinced her to block him from her Facebook news-feed (she said the only updates she saw yesterday were from him and that's why she can't stop thinking about him!) and Nicole is going to try to get her to block his number so that when he texts her, she won't be tempted to answer him.
They're going to come back and visit again soon.

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