Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beating Hearts

Reflecting back over the week, it’s been both rewarding and exhausting. I spent the first half of the week on a training trip, getting to refresh myself in the beautiful outdoors and reminding myself of the focus of why we’re here.

Yesterday I encountered several women who have changed my life. I had the opportunity to witness my first ultrasound, and to spend the afternoon counseling clients. One in particular broke my heart, a fifteen year old who teared up when she heard the heartbeat of her child. She understood well that it was a living baby inside her, but was in complete denial and terrified of social scorn. I also had the opportunity to witness, however, a mother gasp and stare in wonder at her beautiful baby as she decided to keep her child.

This week has been a battle to keep my heart and mind set on saving lives, to keep hope and faith alive in the midst of destruction. Please keep praying for us, the mothers and the babies!


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