Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another week fighting against abortion.

This week I' have continued my daily work in EMC.

Last Thursday I felt really lucky when I assisted to a "training class" with Sister Dorothy, who showed us how to deal with different situations at the abortion clinic's doors. She has a huge and amazing experience advising pregnant women who are convinced about abortion.

It's amazing the security and bravery that this woman transmit with her words. Because this capacity she could help lots of woman to make up their minds to have their babies.

She stood up one point. We need the God's help to reach this women's   hearths to show them how important it's to go on with their pregnancy to let their babies born.

After this training, I have my first counseling whit one woman that need help to continue with the pregnancy, in this case the mother was pregnant with twins. In the conversation she seed that she wont to have the babies, but for this was necessary help to continue.

This situation means that there is a lot of case that the mothers need help to continue with the pregnancy and have the baby, we have to find all this mothers to give them the necessary help and fight the abortions.

For that reason I pray everyday with the hope of saving lots of lives During my stay in New York.

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