Friday, July 10, 2015

Rachel's Joy PART II

At Rachel’s Joy Maternity Home, not all is pertaining with the mothers. You don’t really know how much you have to do, until you get involved with it. For example all the papers and stuff a mere interview requires...

During these days, we have learned about how to make phone and face to face interviews, how to make psycho-social, we have searched free job training for the expectant mothers, and, as most of them do not have any type of studies because of their background and hard situations, we have also looked for centers where they can get free their GED. It’s been a busy week but what we do deserves it :-)

This morning Shakira came, she was a candidate to stay at the maternity home; she is 24 years old, homeless and she is 7 months pregnant. Susan and us did the interview with her, and then both of us went to Coney Island for her Welfare.

                                           -With Susan and Shakira at RJMH-

We don’t know what happened, but after doing some of her papers and the interview, she decided not to stay, she didn’t feel that Rachel's Joy Maternity House was her place...

She was so nice, and she looked nervous and kind of sad. We are not sure about how she felt neither what made her change her mind, but what we know is that she definitely need our prayers, because she has had the courage enough to keep her baby and do not have an abortion!!!

PS: Check this webpage!!

Eli & Violet

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