Monday, July 27, 2015

Botching Abortion, Part I: One Dead, One Wounded.

This subject of this blog was inspired by this sign I saw outside of a Planned Parenthood centre for the killing of pre-born babies. I will return to this later. 

Abortion is a fatal enterprise and its proponents measure its success by the rendition of a mutilated, dead baby from her mother. A botched abortion is deemed one where the baby is born alive or where the mother sustains injuries during the abortion.

For the pro-lifer, every abortion is a double tragedy, with two victims, one dead and one wounded. Pro-lifers naturally dislike the term 'botched abortion' because it presupposes that a live birth - if there is one - is regrettable and, if the baby is successfully killed, the botched refers only to the injuries undergone by the mother.

So-called "botched abortions", are however, a reality.

In addition to exacting an onerous psychological, emotional and spiritual toll on mothers, surgical abortion presents real, grievious and potentially life-threatening risks for the mother. These include, but are not limited to scarring and perforation of the uterus, serious blood loss, infections, blot clots, sepsis and death. In addition, it can cause infertility and may necessitate a blood transfusion or hysterectomy, to name just a few.

The abortion pill is classified as a medical abortion. The FDA tracks complications following medical abortions. In the U.S. in 2011, they reported 8 deaths,  48 severe infections, 58 ectopic pregnancies, 256 infections, 339 cases of bloody loss requiring transfusions, and 612 hospitalisations. The statistics quoted here are for medical abortions ONLY and  DO NOT the include adverse effects on womens' health from surgical abortions.

This is not surprising. In his book "The Hand of God", former abortionist turned pro-life advocate, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, described the physician staff in one of his abortion centres as "deplorable, consisting of an extraordinary variety of drunks, druggies, sadists, sexual molestors, just plain incompetents and medical losers" (p. 142)..............

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