Monday, July 6, 2015

Assisting the mothers

These days I got to work in something different. This particular job was mostly about assisting the mothers that came into our offices. And it also involved calling the mothers regardless of the decision they made at our office, as you never know if what they saw or heard from us made an impact on their hearts. 

Talking to the mothers and providing support.

It's amazing the work that is done with these mothers. We give support during and after the pregnancy. On the one hand, during the pregnancy we try to change their minds explaining the negative effects (physical, psychological) of the abortion and the beneficts of keeping the baby. On the other hand, we give support after the pregnancy whether they have had their baby or not. This is a simplification of what we do, I know, as we provide so much more help than that, but nevertheless this is our (the interns') part in this cause. 

Eventhough this job is very hard, it is also very rewarding. We'll keep on praying for the mothers. 


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