Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesterday I had a particularly sad encounter outside of Choices abortion clinic. Two women approached from across the street. Initially, it was obvious they didn’t know who I was. They were friendly enough, the mother complaining about how the clinic was hard to find. I asked if they were here for an abortion. The mother told me, “don’t look at me” and I gestured toward the young lady, who confirmed it. I handed her a pamphlet, and said, “You know there are other options, right?” At that the suggestion, the mother became visibly irritated, saying “Oh please..” and ushering her daughter hastily away from me, toward the door. I then turned my attention to another woman approaching. What I didn’t see, and what my fellow counselor told me later, was that the girl walked past the clinic door, and was reading the pamphlet, crying. Her mother forced her into the clinic. We didn’t see her come out. Coercion is abhorrent, it’s disguisting, it’s illegal, but more than anything, it’s heartbreaking. But in the popular media, it’s only called “exercising choice.” Of course, there’s hope, because we are fighting from the victory of Christ Himself. Keep praying for us, and for every woman and child!

God Bless,

(One of our team members counseling outside of Choices)

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