Monday, February 24, 2014

What a long weekend

This weekend has been a long one.
We went to Washington DC. EMC is trying to open one big pregnancy center in this city and we need support.

 Sunday mass near Washington DC

It is very important for EMC to have big supporters. Pro-life people who wants help us to help mothers in their pregnancy. Good people who think how important a life is, even in the womb of the mother. Good people who want to help mother to keep their babies. Good people who want to explain mother what a planned parenthood really is, what they do, what are the risks of the abortion procedures (no one have told them ever).
We need good people who believe that a better world is possible, and help us to make it true.
We hope the EMC center in Washington DC could be a reality in a short time.

 Interns in Mount Vernon, near Washington DC

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