Saturday, February 8, 2014


It's been only one week counseling and  I have encounter many situations that girls are going through but one common thing is that they are having intimacy with their partners with out thinking of the consequences. I have realize that many of these women are brought up this way and I don't blame them because they don't have anyone to teach them or talk to them. It's surprising how they react when we start talking to them about abstinence and how as a women they need to respect them selves. For many this is the first time someone talks to them about abstinence which to me is not right but they have come to the right place because I feel that here at EMC we can talk to them freely. The experience have been great with these girls I don't guarantee that they will practice abstinence but for sure we have planted a seed and hope they consider.  I love when we start talking about the effect of having sex before marriage and their reaction when we talk about Oxytocin and how this hormone is related to bonding. How it damage when they have multiple partner... We sure give a lot to think about. 

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