Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The importance of Listening

Today at the Queens office I experience  the power of listening. A mom came to the office considering abortion. I took her information and asked her few questions and then she just started to talk while I patiently listen to her. I was not only paying close attention to her story, but also how she was telling me her story with a soft voice and body language of a scared person. I was paying close attention to her nonverbal and verbal messages. I knew there was a lot to listen. 

 I listen patient  because I knew she had wanted to talk to someone. I did not asked her many questions because she was answering her own thoughts of why she was considering an abortion. She even admitted that she was being selfish. She ask me for advice,  I gave her my advice and information. The conversation went for another forty minutes. Our total conversation lasted about two hours  and most of the time I was just listing to her.

Being able to listen patiently had made her realize that abortion is not her choice, and that she is going love this child. She just needed to talk to someone.
                                                   Me patiently listening.


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