Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saved lives at Dr. Emily

Recently a woman had left Dr. Emily abortion facility during the middle of the day (around the time they were doing abortions) but I had the fortunate chance to talk to her before she came back.

This is her.

Her insurance didn't go through and so the abortion she intended to get didn't happen. Her situation was one of the standard difficulties - especially with her family, financial situation, and life goals.

But luckily that all changed once we talked more and she received her free ultrasound on our bus. As the picture shows, what was a sad and confused girl instantly became a smiling and vibrant mother. She realized her baby was not her enemy and did not pose a threat to her dreams.

Sure, she would have to modify her plan in life a little bit, but seeing the ultrasound she immediately realized that she could do it -that she was a mother, and that no circumstance would mean it would be best if her baby was destroyed.

Thank God for making her receptive to my message and for the opportunity to provide an ultrasound for her.

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