Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hospitals never refer women to our office. That never happens...

But sure enough I received a call from a Mother claiming that very thing. She and her young daughter had received a positive pregnancy test. The hospital helped her look up numbers for her and the first one on the list was OURS! Even though it was later in the day, Linda the Brooklyn Center director, insisted that they "Come... QUICK!" after hearing that they thought they felt the baby kick.

They came in expecting that she was only a month or so along. Boy were they in for a surprise!
The beautiful, young girl received a sonogram as her Mother filled out her paperwork on a clipboard. Then we saw him... sucking his thumb... a 21 week old baby BOY!

The young lady's mother saw all of this and at once the clipboard and her jaw fell to the floor. Shock...complete SHOCK! This woman has seven children-- and now her first grandchild! She works hard for her kids to give them everything and she had been doing it alone. But not anymore!

Coming from a family of 9 children, I could relate to her hardships. I saw the love and the dedication in her eyes... and they were familiar to me. I know her situation because I see the same love in my own Mother.

It's not going to be easy for this young girl and her family. But they will not be alone! This beautiful young woman and her 5 month old boy will begin prenatal care with us next week. And as far as the mother, a plan is already being set in motion to support and help her with all the needs she has.

Praise God they called us! I am so glad that they are now our friends and that we are given the honor of helping them in this time. This little boy is a great miracle-- that will never happen again!

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