Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My aim

Well ladies and gentleman, last posts I have been talking about real experiences I have got as a Pro-Life volunteer in the city of New York. Today I would like to speak about what I think, and what I fell as a young guy doing that.

When you work in our pregnancy centers, you use to have scared woman, who need understanding, supporting and also advice. Most of them come shocked, and everyone has experienced how important is the right word when you feel the ground disappearing beneath your feet.  This is our task, not to make philosophy or to indoctrinate people about how to manage their freedom. But someone must say… we have been fooled! Who said that anything is good just because we are free to do it, who said that freedom means to do as we please, who convince us that love is whatever, that sex is the only reason to live for. We have lost our ability to enjoy beautiful things we have around us. We are people with dragoon skin, unable to feel the wind in our skin or the warm sunshine, unable to listen quietly music, to enjoy the air we breathe, the colors we see, the thoughts we have, the life we live.

It is sad to see the music we listen loudly in the subway as it were drug, possessed by hard metal, how we need alcohol gallons to enjoy Saturday night, blood in our films... excess. We are the non-sensitivity, the black or white generation. And there is no strong power above the earth which can satiate us, as well as hold back the consequences of our actions.

Here is my aim. I won´t be stolen any more. This is my life, this is my freedom. I choose to be naive, to be kid. I want to enjoy my normal things, my daily work, my friends, my loves. To get the happiness I have in every corner of my normal life.

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Alena Mauer said...

I think pregnancy centers are great! It gives people a place they can go to learn more about what is going on. This is especially useful for young teens who are pregnant.

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