Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you my unknown mate!

Hi friends, I am here today to tell you what happened last Friday working in our Bronx Pregnacy Center.

It is usually to welcome women with troubles in our centers, who sometimes need breath and take it easy, but it was the first time I got one girl with a box of chocolates. I was disconcerted. I had never met this woman and she was smiling and offering me a present. I lead her inside where she told me her history… She got pregnant three years ago in NYC, she was an emigrant, just arrived from a east European country (ex-USSR), without a penny, or insurance, and with her family living 5000 miles away! When the guy who was with her reacted wrong she understood that he never would be the father of her son. In that situation the only help she got was from EMC, in our center of The Bronx, where she met a short redhead girl, who was working as intern. This intern did a good work those days, and she is gratefully now.

She told me how nice her son is and she saw me some pictures. He is living with her mother in her country. There are still in a really delicate situation, because of that, she is considering give her son in adoption in USA, allowing him the chance to live a normal life inside a family with the right conditions. We were talking about adoption, and I managed some contacts for her, where she will be helped by someone expert in adoption cases.

I want to say thanks to this mate who made such a good work three years ago!!

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