Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Motherhood. [finding the true mission]

The pressure of this work has caused me to really stop and think about why I am here, what is the ultimate goal, and what is the best way to reach that goal. 

Motherhood. What is it? And what makes some women embrace it and others reject it? 

As a single woman in my twenties with my own set of dreams and career goals, I find it dumbfounding that so many people are so quick to down play and devalue the maternal aspect of my identity. I can't help but think that shouldn't we be taking pride in the maternal side of us rather than denying it? 

I read a beautiful quote in a Sisters of Life publication that really struck me.

"Motherhood is the art of finding potential, and fostering it. 
Motherhood is the craft of focusing on the good and trusting that the rest will fade away. 
It is the penetrating beauty unwavering hope, and unflinching love...
The feminine genius is the practice of literally growing goodness in spite of incredible obstacles."

So this is the goal: to awaken the beauty of motherhood within our culture...for the attitude of feminism to shift into an embrace rather than a rejection of true feminine identity.  

Every time I meet a girl who is choosing to parent her child--to embrace the mother part of her identity--new hope arises inside of me. 

On Monday I met this beautiful young woman, Robbin. She is 29 weeks pregnant and excited to be a mother. What a blessing it was to talk with her!

The issue of abortion is not simply a matter of a woman's rights. 
It is a matter of identity
Come on girls, are we really willing to give up our core identity in the name of a "right to choose"? Or will we embrace our core identity as women in the name of love in order to discover and reveal the true beauty within ourselves?

The choice is ours. The choice is yours

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