Saturday, June 28, 2014

18 weeks

Yesterday one woman came to the office in Queens, she didn't know if she were pregnant or not because her period used to be not regular, but we did the pregnancy test and we calculated that she is now in the 18th week of her pregnancy. 

We have to wait until the next week to know exactly how far is this woman in her pregnancy, but I want to explain how is the fetal development in the 18th week.

Sometimes the mothers doesn't know all those things about the fetal development, but with 18 weeks:

Can you believe he's yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing?

And she's twisting, rolling, punching and kicking, too -- and she's big enough that you might be able to feel her doing it!

Baby's kicks -- they're getting stronger!

Swollen feet and/or hands. An annoying pregnancy symptom, but nothing to worry about as long as the swelling isn't sudden or severe.

Back aches. Baby's putting a lot of pressure on your insides.

Leg cramps. They can be a sign of dehydration, so drink up!

Varicose veins, a product of all that extra pressure on your circulatory system.

Trouble sleeping. Your mind is working overtime and you're getting more and more uncomfortable.

Increased pressure on the veins in your nose may be causing nosebleeds.

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