Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well friends, here we go with another experience I have got as EMC intern. To work in defending life it is not a task for catholic or religious people, but for human persons. The right of life is not a dogma or commandment, it is a rule wrote in our hearts. Anyway, as catholic is good to pray and ask God about the worst contradiction we have in the 21th Century. Because of that, past Saturday I joined Witness for Life in praying for the unburned babies, the mothers and fathers, and these people who are involved in that business.

I went with a friend to the Old St Patrick Cathedral, to hear mass. I found a diverse group of people there. Old men&women, but young people too, some of them of some religious congregation. It was a mass celebrate without hurry, faithfully. When the mass was finished, there was adoration, some people stayed at the church praying as well the others we started a pilgrimage to Planned Parenthood, the main abortion organization, praying the Holy rosary. We got the place in a peaceful attitude, staying in the opposite side of the sidewalk, just praying. We were not activists, we were prayers. At the same time, some counselors were offering their help to those women who were going into the Planned Parenthood place. Some were happy to be helped, but those people who refused were treated with the maximum respect. Was good to see ourselves praying for something that important, hopefully, and with the help of our Lady, that day some babies were rescued.

I would like to take advantage of this chance to show my condolences to our boss Chris, because of the loss of his mother. May she rest in peace.

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