Saturday, June 28, 2014

Part IV: From Bleecker St. to a Miracle on Court St.

'Saving Person Zoë'

Once at our centre, Angela had a sonogram which confirmed she was 7 weeks pregnant. Both mum- and dad-to-be saw the baby on screen - a kind of one-way silent sonographic skype - until we listened to baby "Zoë's" heartbeat. Her heart had already been beating for 4 weeks, since she was just 21 days old. Theo was captivated and fell in love with the baby all over again. Angela was moved but baby Zoë's reprieve had not yet been secured.

A post-sonogram consultation followed. During this time, I sensed that Angela was wavering in her thusfar implied decision to keep the baby. When Kathy stepped into the consultation room momentarily and enquired "So, are you going to keep (the baby)?", I wasn't at all convinced by Angela's uncertain monosyllabic answer.

Moreover, even had we still been at 75% in favour sparing Zoë abortion, we're weren't "over the line", so to speak: the front-line battle was taking place within Angela.

There remained further processing, reconciling and discernment for her to do and there was a complex interplay of the the audio-visual wonder she'd seen on the sonogram, the info. I'd imparted, my reasoning, her original rationale for her decision, my silent prayers, her opposed head and heart, and her awakening conscience, all under the auspices of The Holy Spirit.

She became firm again - seamlessly and through the Grace of God - in her decision to let Zoë live and and to raise her with Theo, before our consultation ended.

Operation save baby Zoë: mission (in its truest sense) accomplished!!
A MIRACLE on Court. Street!!!

Subsequently, Angela contacted The Sisters of Life and had an appointment with them for a few days later. I remain in contact with both Angela and Theo. Please pray for them and all mothers, babies and fathers whom we have met these past few weeks, and those we'll meet in days and weeks to come.

Photo: Myself, Claire in the office.

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