Wednesday, June 25, 2014

God's Loving Mercy and a Second Chance

Many of us go about our very busy lives and maybe once or twice during the day we will take a moment or two to realize how blessed and fortunate we are to be a part of God's beautiful creation. Even in those few brief moments we often forget just how much God has done for us and how many times we fall and He still gives us a second chance to pick ourselves back up. That alone is such a beautiful gift that He has so mercifully given to us. This is especially true when we remind ourselves that He did not even have to create us in the first place; let alone give us opportunities to correct our wrongs.

Again, in our busy lives we do not take time to remind ourselves of this reality. So, instead of thanking God, as we should, and picking ourselves back up, we continue to wallow in our own mistakes. This creates yet another problem. If we do not recognize our mistakes, desire to change, and ask God for forgiveness we will then not receive Grace from God. Because we are fallen we need God's Grace to help grow closer to Him and to help us correct our bad habits. Once we accept God's Mercy we will be given strength, strength from God Himself, to fight the battle and come out victorious.

I have to thank one of my clients yesterday for reminding me of this reality. This client came into the office and shared that she had past abortions and then found out she had some tumors. She then was faced with another pregnancy which she felt she could not handle. After talking for a while she finally said that God gave her the tumors to punish her and that now He is giving her a second to "make up for her past". In the end I can certainly say that my client gave me some new insight. I pray that I was able to do the same for her so that she will be more receptive to God's Loving Mercy and use this Second Chance given to her.

Claire and I discuss the beauty of a Second Chance

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