Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Part I: From Bleecker St. to a Miracle on Court St.

Myself and Hannah arrived at the Planned Parenthood on Bleecker St., Manhattan at 7.30am Wednesday morning. It was my third time at an abortion facility for the purpose of sidewalk counselling. The second occasion had been outside Dr. Emily's in The Bronx the previous morning. That morning, I'd felt apprehensive  and  ill-prepared (though this wasn't the case). Therefore, I was grateful when no clients arrived early. This bought me time! I prayed that God would enable me by dispelling my nerves, lending me his voice and giving me the courage and confidence to approach and engage effectively with the women.
This morning at P.P. on Bleecker St. though, I felt more capable.
A dual approach is necessary at abortion mills: prayer and action! Yet, there can  be an amount of standing in between making overtures to the arriving expectant mothers.
I've found that standing outside clinics can lend itself to a certain feeling of frustration and helplessness. This, I think, stems from the fact that you are essentially an unwitting bystander in the face of the horrific and insidious practice that is being perpetrated just at the other side of the building's wall. You can do nothing physically to prevent its occurence, lest be incarcerated.
We'd only been there for minutes when Hannah was feeling the afore-mentioned frustration a little more than I. She suggested praying whilst walking  around the block.......
Photos: Myself, Claire outside Dr. Emily's abortion mill in The Bronx and myself and Hannah at the same facility.

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