Saturday, June 28, 2014

Victory! When all you have to do is show up.

Yesterday I spent the morning sidewalk counseling and praying outside planned parenthood. I had some good conversations but no obvious turnarounds...that is until the very end.

I was about to head out when a girl leaving the clinic approached me and asked me for a brochure. I don't think any of us had talked to her when she went in, yet something amazing happened. It turned out that she had gone in for an abortion, had changed her mind inside, and was looking for help finding a place to live since her mom wanted her to have the abortion and would kick her out otherwise. 

Obviously we were delighted at her request and immediately got her connected to the Sisters of Life so she could find the housing she needs. 

The thing that got me about this encounter was how little I did and how much the Holy Spirit did. I had spent the morning mostly praying and God really showed himself in a powerful way. 

Please pray for this girl though as there are  pressures to abort even though she changed her mind. 

(Another intern Elvi sidewalk counseling)

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