Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Power of Prayer [saving lives one at a time]

Wednesday was a day of great victory and left me feeling very encouraged and inspired. 
Claire and I spent the morning outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. We were there to pray and to interact with clients in order to share with them the alternative help to abortion available to them. 

As it was my first time doing this type of thing, I initially felt nervous and honestly pretty uncomfortable. But as I prayed, I felt God leading me to spend the time prayer walking and worshiping along the street. So I walked and I prayed and worshipped and prayed some more. 

As I prayed, Claire would approach various women and couples walking up. 
To our great joy, one couple agreed to come back with us to the pregnancy center and, long story short, as a result is planning on keeping their child instead if aborting it! 

This story is evidence of the power of prayer and the love we show by reaching out to women who are about to make a decision to end the life of their child. 

Prayer+compassion in action = open door for Life! 

I know the rejoicing in our office that day was great, but I'm convinced the rejoicing in heaven was even greater. 
God is good!!

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