Friday, June 27, 2014

The Small Victories

As I have had the opportunity to council more and more women, I have begun to realize that it is the small victories that really matter. I began this internship telling myself that I was going to try my best to have the women that I talk with change their heart and decide to keep their child; I was going to save lives.

After a few weeks here I began to realize that it is more important that I save souls and plant a seed of truth. This seed will need to be nurtured and watched over as it grows. But unless that seed is planted, one can never hope to see it become a beautiful flower.

At first, I wanted to plant the seed and take care of it as it began to blossom and grow. However, as strange as it may seem, this was actually selfish of me. God has given me a task to accomplish and that task is to plant that seed. Without that seed, others can not water and care for the flower as it begins to mature and grow. Until I realized this, I would beat myself up if I did not have a great victory that day which then lead to discouragement. Then I would not trust in God and allow Him to do His work.

Working at the Bronx office
Thankfully in this discouragement I turned to God in prayer... and then I was given the strength to do some good. It was then that I met with success, but success in small doses. I began to realize that I was doing so much more good if I focused on God and strove to accomplish things in smaller steps.

I have had many women come to me and say that they are absolutely going to have an abortion. After talking with them, and lots of silent prayers in between, I have been able to get them to leave doubting whether an abortion is really a good choice. Even if I have not been successful in getting them to leave saying that they will keep the child, I still feel some peace knowing that I did everything that I could and now they see some of the truth. The next step for me is to trust in God and allow Him to watch over this beautiful flower as it blossoms.

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