Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Air Strikes And Trenches

This week has been crazy for me. I started out in Florida waiting on tables and then I'm on a plane to NYC working for EMC pregnancy centers. Then to top it all off, I spent a few days in Washington DC marching, lobbying, and seeing some politicians and other influential individuals speak on our faith and freedom. Amidst the craziness and excitement of this week I have been humbled as I gained some new insights into the bigger picture of the war that we are a part of, whether we choose to accept it or not.  

This war, the fight for life, is one that we all need to participate in no matter who we are and what our religious conviction are. Life is a God given right that all people have and therefore all people need to protect. We may have different beliefs about other truths, but life is a truth that comes from the very existence and even the most hardened individual will not let you take that from them. This issue is also a threat to our continued existence on this planet. As caretakers of this world, we need to not only think about mankind, but all of creation. This is why we need to join together and work to solve the life issue. Then, after that is accomplished, we can work to solve other issues.  

This week has also made me come to realize that not only is this a war that needs to be fought by all, but each of us has a different place and calling in the battle. There are those who are on the front lines fighting in the "trenches", as many people I met this weekend in DC called the work we do at EMC. Then there are also the people in DC and throughout our nation who lead air strikes. Both types of attacks are necessary,  but it takes a certain type of person and strategy to do each one. I know I could not be the one that leads the air strikes, and many I spoke with could not do the work in the trenches. 

Myself and others I met this weekend came to realize this reality which has lead to a greater appreciation and gratitude for the work of the other front.  As a result, I believe that both sides walked away from this experience renewed in spirit and ready to continue in the fight. 

I was very blessed to be able to not only be in our nation's capital this weekend, but I also was privileged to meet some of our politicians who are like minded. I heard them speak on an issue that is important to me and I was also able to talk to them briefly and get a few pictures with some of them. The photo below from left to right has Anna Little (NJ), myself, Louie Gohmert (TX), and Hannah P. (fellow intern). 

All of these experiences have really helped give me the strength and motivation to continue to fight for those innocent human beings who are not even being given an opportunity to share in the most basic human right of Life. 

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