Saturday, May 10, 2014

A different evening!

I would like to write today about another side, of the interns life here in New York. Eight hours working per day, five days per week, plus Saturday morning, plus long subway trips, plus other commitments… To be volunteer in EMC means to work, and everyone who does need to rest. Our Chief Commander knows it, and because of that, some days ago we got the chance of going to Yankee Stadium!

Spanish people use to love sports, and it is nice to know more about the big four, MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA. This day, two interns were relived sooner of our obligations and we came to Yankee Stadium to witness an amazing game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Yanks. Incredible show to be in this stadium, the atmosphere, the people, the game… We had a hot dog and peanut, we drank coke and we enjoyed a good time, talking with people, supporting the local team and hanging around the place too. Incredible moment the seventh-inning stretch, when the game stops and everyone sings “God Blessed America”.  I love this American way of life! We left the game happy, having shown many strikes… although unfortunately the most were done by Orioles, and the Yankees supporters were not so happy at all.

I will be back with more histories in EMC New York!!

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