Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of Bottles; Lots of Babies

For the past week , I had the unique experience of interacting with thirty two parishes who participated in EMC's yearly fundraiser. While I was responsible of scheduling the pickup of the donations, I had the opportunity to work with two of EMC's Spanish interns, Maria and Teresa.

Despite the conflicting schedules, the counting of money and horrific traffic, I consider myself blessed have gotten to know foreign interns, various parish center directors, and to have had a part in the critical fundraising activities of Expectant Mother Care. I witnessed the interaction between generous communities and our crisis pregnancy center. The charity and generous nature of the Catholic community within the area is irreplaceable, immense and inspiring.

It is truly the work and charity of everyday individuals who spiritually and financially arm centers, such as EMC, with the armor necessary to fight the evil of abortion and dehumanization of the American culture. The result of receiving so many bottles will inevitably be the saving of innocent lives.

On behalf of all of the interns, and all the amazing individuals within the Pro-Life Movement, I say thank you for your support, for it truly allows those on the frontline to continue the effort to save babies and fight the culture of death.

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