Friday, June 10, 2011

I Will Remember

I had a beautiful moment the other day! I was relaxing from a very hectic day when all of a sudden my phone rang. It was one of my clients from the previous week. She had called to thank me and tell me that I was right, her greatest fear involving her pregnancy was no where near as scary as it had seemed!

That fear was her mom! How would Mom react? Would Mom be ashamed, upset, or disappointed? Would Mom ever speak to her again? This is why she had been considering abortion. I encouraged her to tell her mother because after all, her mother loved her so much! As it turns out, while her mom wasn't happy that her daughter was pregnant, she wanted to support her throughout the pregnancy. Mom would be there for her! This beautiful young lady had gone from being distraught when she entered our Center, to peace of mind and a better outlook on the future.

Then she did something that I will remember for a very long time. She said, "My mom wants to talk to you." A little taken aback, I agreed. A new voice came on the phone. "Heather I just want to thank you for being there for my daughter! I am so glad that she landed in the right hands!" tears began to roll down my cheeks as she continued, "So many kids these days are pressured to abort and I go against abortion all the way! I go against that all the way! Thank you so much I am so thankful that she landed in the right hands!"

I will remember that moment the next time a deathscort yells in my face as I sidewalk counsel. I will remember that moment the next time I find out that one of my clients didn't choose life. I will remember that moment the next time I feel like my efforts are unsuccessful. I will remember.

Praise God!

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