Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Going In

Ever since the start if the Expectant Mother Care internship, I have been inspired by countless people. However, I also felt, at times, everyone was against the Pro-Life Movement. However, after attending several conferences, counseling clients and participating in the Movement, I have realized the support is out there. Be it from benefactors, center directors, or clients who have been turned from abortion, I have been given a new armor which, I feel as though, has made me invincible to insult.

I mention this due to the fact I have worked outside of a Doctor Emily's Clinic and initially felt self-conscience of the work I was doing. But after listening to other interns' stories of turnarounds, and witnessing the power of God that opinion has, in effect turned around. I have no shame in saying I work in a pro-life crisis pregnancy center, and am proud to stand outside of an abortion clinic to counsel both the abortion minded and post abortive girls.

The emotional and spiritual support from, not only other interns, but "every day" individuals is immensely uplifting. To some people, the prayers said for Pro-Life workers may seem to be ineffective, but in this ministry the work of God is present everyday. I am extremely proud of the work EMC has and will accomplish. And it leaves little to say, without the support and charity of our supporters, it would prove difficult to continue our work in the abortion capital of the United States.

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