Wednesday, June 22, 2011


All morning at Dr. Emily’s abortion clinic I talk to women going in to the abortion clinic; but in the afternoon I see them leave after the abortion is completed. As I stand outside watching them drive or walk off, I often look into their eyes. Sometimes they look sad or in pain, but most of the time they look ashamed and rarely make eye contact with me. If I can talk to them while they wait for a ride, then I will. I want to know if the woman is ok, needs an ambulance, help or just someone to talk to. Many times the woman will walk quickly past saying “You’re too late, I already did it.” But just because a woman has an abortion doesn’t mean that I give up on her and stop caring for her. There are so many complications (physical, psychological, spiritual) that come from abortion. If she needs healing, counseling, advice - anything - I sincerely want to help her find it.

A few days ago I approached one woman who had just come out of the clinic. She stood by the edge of the parking lot smoking a cigarette. I asked her if she was ok, if she had the abortion and how she was feeling. She said she was ok, had the abortion and that she preferred that to being sick all the time (from being pregnant). She said she had several abortions previously. I asked if she had any complications from any of them - and if she knew what the complications were for abortion. She looked at me as her ride drove up and answered me (and I paraphrase) - “I know what they are. I got cervical cancer as a result.”

As she rode off my heart went out to her. I feel deeply sorry for all the pain she’s gone through. All the abortions. Cervical cancer. Her life is drastically changed because of it. What I don't understand is how cervical cancer is better or easier than pregnancy symptoms? A life threatening condition preferred to a baby?

I don’t write this judging her or condemning her. I am broken, just like she is. But there is hope. There is healing. There is a God who loves us.

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