Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battlefield inside us

The other day was my first day at "work". I think I'd rather call it my first day helping because work has a for-profit connotation, and I am not in this for the money but for the baby's life. I basically listened to my friends while they were counseling and it was really amazing. One of the girls was a turn around, she was really touched by the videos we showed her.

Most of them come to us because they do not really know what abortion is, they just think it is a "process" that eliminates the baby, they are not thinking about actual murder but about stopping the pregnancy for a while, because in that moment they are not ready to be mothers but maybe in a couple of years they will get pregnant again and that same baby would start growing up inside them. Obviously these naive thoughts change when they see what a real abortion is: how horribly unnatural and dangerous that "process" could be.

After the consultation not all of them refuse abortion but at least they are aware of what they are about to do. The final decision is up to them, and only God can help those women to choose life, we are just tools in His hands.

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