Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Living a lie

             Today I have been with a girl in the office of Queens, she wanted to have an abortion. Like a lot of women she told me that she couldn't keep her baby because she was studing, she wasn't ready to be mother. I showed her the video about abortions methods, shuddently she told me "Please, stop it!", she felt sick and two nurses came to help her. That girl never have had an abortion before, and she didn't know anything about abortion.

              Not only women are beguiled about this but also abortion doctors are not interested in letting people know all risks that an abortions has. I can't allow that women make up their mind without having to understand the details of abortions. I'll be in front of abortion clinics, in the office or wherever I could help women, beacause they deserve to know the truth.

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