Saturday, November 15, 2014

A brave woman

        This week I was alone in Queens. I felt nervous because I had never been alone in the office from EMC. This week I was talking with few girls, but thanks to the last of them, who came to the office the last Tuesday this week has been one of the bests. She was from Long Island and she was eighteen years old. She didn’t know if she was pregnant, so she came for doing a pregnancy test. When she did the test and she could see that she was pregnant she couldn’t believe it. We were talking about this great news, she knew that her life would change with a baby but it didn’t mind her, she was so happy that she called to all of her friends and her family to tell it them.

        She didn’t know that I was happier than her. It is very hard seeing every day a lot of women who think that abortion is so common like going to the hairdresser. So I sometimes need meeting one of these girls, they give me hope and I grew strong again. Do you know what is the greatest thing? Knowing that a baby will be born.  

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